How to get and improve the bow in Ghost of Tsushima

The fight options of a samurai are dictated by its tools, so if you want to fight your enemies remotely, you will need to get an arc. The arcs can be extremely effective in an ambush, allowing you to fire to enemies by throwing them with ardent coal, to send clouds of angry insects to them, or the classic explosive barrel trick.

How to get an arc

To get your first arc, you will need to find Sensei Ishikawa. You can find his dojo east of Jade Hills in Hiayoshi, the area in which you are at the beginning of the game. Sensei Ishikawa is a significant potential ally, and it will give you an arc and will form your use while you faithfully play its tale.

How to get along Bow

The second arc you can get is the long, more powerful bow. This can be unlocked by playing the mythical story the curse of Uchitsune . The mythical tales can be found later in the game and will allow you to unblock weapons and powerful objects if you finish them.

Upgrading your bow

You can improve your bow in any Bower, as long as you have the material to do it. Bowyer can be found in various villages around the map, such as Hiayoshi Springs. You can check any city or village that you find before entering by scrolling the location icon on the map, it will tell you all that the city contains and list a bower if it is present.

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To upgrade your arc, you will need supplies, bamboo, yew wood and wax wood for upper level upgrades.

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