Krafton Seoul National University

The following is a list of notable individuals associated with Seoul National University, located in Gwanak, Seoul, South Korea.

Craftone agreed with a member of the 6th of the 6th, and the Development Fund for establishing up the development and venture culture to the University of Management in Seoul National University. The third case of the in-house donation program in operation in the Matching Grant method continues to concern and participation in members.

The Development Fund will be used as a Startup Convention operating fund, which is the largest event, which is the largest event, which is the largest event, which is conducting at the National University of Business College Venture Management Entrepreneur Center. A scholarship is paid to the excellent team among students who have enterprise spirit and challenging entrepreneurship in Startup Convention .

Craftone s Match Grant Donation program was delivered to students who have been a self-level matching fund on the fund that the employees being self-employed are spontaneously on the funds that have appeared on the Fund to the Fund. Especially, this donation is the third example, which means that the Krafton s donation culture is established through the interests and voluntary participation of members.

Both sides have proceeded on the development funds in the Daemun University of Seoul, College of Business College on October 6. In the commitment ceremony, the Dean of Seoul National University Dean and Crafton officials attended the Caladon, Claims the development fund.

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