Allstars destruction Review Dull Mayhem in luxury cars

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My first interpretation of Allstars destruction was simply: it s okay. I then spent the following days trying to decide if that was all that it was. I then changed my mind: it is forgotten but good as a free game on PS +.

Cars Vs Container Bridge and Deep Water - BeamNG.Drive
In fact, it looks like a game that has just finished an already neat development cycle and the content team and the mechanical team will now come to make additional passes. But it is already out and is supposed to be complete.

Explode cars with other cars goes back to the first 3D games. The Burnout series and Twisted Metal approached it with two different extremities. The first concerned the crash, the second shot, but everything was great. Contemporaries like Rocket League allow you to crush your opponents when you go fast enough, so the idea of ​​a game only dedicated to this kind of thing is never far away.

The problem with allstars destruction is that it does not make any favor to explain why it should be a self-contained game, with its own characters and its own monetization scheme to allow you to come back day after day.

In Allstars, you play a character from your choice that looks like Fortnite and Overwatch clones but less memorable. Each character has two (and only two) capacities or breakers that allow them to stand out in a match. A breaker is always attached to a single vehicle that each character can invoke while the other breaker is always used when you are on foot.

The idea is simple. Go up in a car. Drive said car as fast as you can. Crush this car against your opponents. To win. And if you can succeed a smash, you feel good. The cars fly, the scrap will take off and the haptics of the Dual Sense strike it, whether you are the batter or the batter yourself.

Problems are starting to appear as matches progress. The misses often occur, the cards are strangely spread and the foot gameplay starts dragging heavily. You see if your car is sinking or if you need a deposit, you can choose to eject from the driver s seat and try it on foot. The kicker is on foot makes you vulnerable to crouts, but allows you to move quickly to retrieve power-ups or move on new cars.

Experienced players can also choose to steal an opponent s car if they chronge properly their button. But the mini-game that follows to exceed a car that accelerates is incredibly dull. As a driver, it s too easy to shake your pirate from the air.

So, on paper, being on foot while dead machines revolve around you seem to be a fun way to keep the gameplay fresh. In execution, it s completely disappointing. Circuit breakers for foot characters have no impact on cars, giving you the impression of being more a boring fly than a ninja agile capable of spilling steam.

It s opposite the feeling of a game like Titanfall where I would say that you feel hard to cook on foot than in a mech. All Stars Destruction Sets the characters on foot on a single platform and a single strike button over a long recharge time. If your luck is bad and you do not find a car, get ready to run a lot to search for everything that has wheels to get you out of your misery.

The modes themselves are also lacking. Mayhem is the default and the most powerful mode of the group. It s a free game where the person who gets the most points via smasks and ko wins the match. The following mode is GridFall, which asks you to stay alive while the card separates. And if you are Ko at some point, you wear a toast, because the mode is also a situation of last standing man. This means that if an opponent gets a fortunate blow or if the floor breaks in a fortuitous place to put Ko, you are instantly out of the match.

Survive long long until the end and now you are in a game with maybe 1 or 2 other opponents and it s a long cat and mouse period until someone wins, probably just too boring.

The other two are modes based on the team. Carnado sees you working with your team to crush the other team while generating points. These points accumulate in your car and you have to hit a tornado to cash them. The tornado destroys your car and returns you on foot, so that the moment of cashing is a small strategy to face. The last mode, and my least preferred, is stockpile where you have to control several deposit points to ensure victory. It usually means that no one knows what to do and how to do it.

Given the nature of both character capabilities, and one usable on cars while driving, there is not much to do than just crush team cars. There are no games strictly speaking, because none of the capabilities combine with other players to create combos or advantages. And so the depth of all the game stops there – as if it fell from a cliff. I wonder why they even added team modes because there is no reason to talk to your team. Just overwrite a car and hope for the best.

After a few hours with Allstars destruction, you will have seen everything. Of course, there is a currency. Of course, I can buy skins for a car and a character. But the question is why. There is nothing here that justifies the existence of this game above being a good mod with some neat haptic features. The most creative content is solo and, although the first is free, the rest is hidden behind a real money buy that is probably even more exasperating, because these modes are fresh and do a lot to jostle the gameplay.

Allstars Exchange was fortunate to deliver a creative car fight and it was aimed primarily at being mediocre and oblivable. Certainly, it s free for PS + users, so it s not a big obstacle to cross. But on the road, it s not a game that s worth the entrance price unless they prove they can do something better. It will probably be forgotten in the potential ocean of other PS5 exclusives that will come out later.

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