Haven Park in the test A really sugar sweet adventure

Who recognizes similarities to A Short Hike or Animal Crossing at Haven Park, looks right. The Swiss solo developer Fabien Weibel has deliberately inspired by both titles for his first game. The parallels are unmistakable – a completely animal occupation, a beautiful island to discover and small campsites on which visitors à la Pocket Camp ask for you. Fabien has nevertheless awarded his game a very own touch, thanks to his many years of experience as a kind of director in the film industry.

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Only courage, Flint

In Haven Park there are 12 different campsites that you can for the visitors. Do not forget to ignite the fire, then all is nice warm. Source: PC Games As a small beepmatz called Flint Help her to keep the park of your grandma s running. She s too old to do everything ourselves and therefore passes the scepter to their grandchildren. Your main task is to bring the island on which the park is located to bring back to the front man and make them attractive for campers. Flint does not trust such a big task at first, but his grandma believes in him! Sometimes it is already help enough to make someone courage.

So the little yellow bird gets on the way to explore the park. The exploration is the most important element in the game. Because at the beginning you just have a blank card that reveals you in the course of your exploration trips. In about two to four hours of playtime, you discover a manageable yet interesting open-world consisting of different small and close-up biotopes. In search of campsites you will encounter lush green forests, beaches, barren landscapes or snowy mountains.

Camping made easy

As soon as you find a new campsite, you will shut down a new area on Flints card. The territories are named according to their sights. Source: PC Games you have found one of the twelve campsites, you can start the still uncomfortable place for Camper. For this you have to collect resources such as wood, fabric, fungi, metal or coins. With these raw materials you can then build items for your campsites. For each object requires a certain number of materials, and as soon as it is made, it can be placed within the limits of the respective campsite. Everything is divided into categories, so you can choose from rest, sleep, activity, food and decorative objects. From tents and bungalows to picnic benches and huge wheels, you have a colorful selection, yet there are only one handful of possibilities per category.

But that does not necessarily have to reduce the creativity, a little individualization for the individual tent sites is still possible. Each camp can accommodate a certain number of campers and each camper has their own ideas on how a perfect stay must look like. So you do not have to rum and try around wildly, but tell the guests, but what they prefer. In the lower left edge of the picture, you will see which items still need to be placed so that the campers are happy.

There is a lot to discover on the island. Some campsites and ways are drained. So always keep your eyes open and remains curious. Source: PC Games ever more attractive is the environment, the more visitors will rumble in your park. You can have a small conversation with all a little conversation, which occasionally brings you secondary tasks that bring some variety into the gameplay. Some are simple search tasks while you have to play for other hiding. Some campers tell you legends about the island and ask you to find evidence for it. This adds a beautiful subtle narrative to the game and awakens the interest in exploring the environment exactly.

With the exploration of the island and collecting objects, Flint rises in the level. With every step reached, your skill points that can unlock some practical skills. For example, you can find more wood when exploring, go faster, get more coins for the sold food or increase your support capacities. The highest level is reached quickly, but even then does the discover fun.

Brief and relaxed

The style of Haven Park is also charming and relaxing like the gameplay. Although the design is simply held, there is always details to discover, such as small puff flowers that you can scatter in the wind. Everything is adorable and fits very well together. There is also a day-night cycle, where Flint is in the dark with a torch equipped its way over the island. From time to time, music is heard, most of the time the game is underpinned by natural noise.

Nevertheless, it can not be denied that Haven Park is not quite as mature as its role models. The playing time is very low compared to similar games like Animal Crossing. After you find all the camps and did the extra relatively short quests, your journey in Haven Park is already over. In addition, Flint can sometimes get stuck in the landscape, which is not too big a problem, but still interrupts the game flow. Here comes the game that it wants to appeal to a younger audience with its relaxed and non-violent gameplay. At Haven Park, it is important to have time.

It s not about how fast the campsites are built. The visitors do not encourage their needs, so no disadvantage arises, they should not be fulfilled immediately. Anyone looking for a small relaxed adventure to distribute the rainy Sunday should have a visit to Haven Park. And if even the little ones can join in, exploring certainly double fun.

Haven Park is available for the PC and the Nintendo Switch.

My opinion

Vondina Manevich

A cloudy and rainy Sunday has saved Haven Park for me!

Haven Park is not trying to be more than it is in reality. Already in the description of the game stands that it will be short and a place to relax. I am accordingly without great expectations to the game and has been positively surprised. The characters are droll and adorable and the subtle story has left me at the end of the game with a melancholy but still pleasant feeling. The exploration and the puzzles in the game were nothing groundbreaking but still kept me in mood. But the playing time was far too short, because I would have liked to spend longer time in Haven Park. I think I can definitely be proud of his first work, Fabien Weibel.

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From Dina Manevich
& Lukas Schmid
Editorial manager
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