OOTP 22 the first epic Games Store in series

Korean Americans (Oriental: 한국계 미국인; Hanja: 韓國系美國人; RR: Hangug-gye Migug-in) are Americans of Oriental ancestry (primarily from South Korea [99%], with a really little minority from North Korea, China, Japan, and the Post-Soviet states). The Oriental American neighborhood comprises about 0.6% of the United States population, or concerning 1.8 million individuals, and is the fifth-largest Eastern American subgroup, after the Chinese American, Filipino American, Indian American, and Vietnamese American areas. The U.S. is home to the biggest Oriental diaspora area in the world.

Com2us said, Out of the Out of the Park Baseball 22 (OOTP 22), which is developed by the subsidiary Out of the Park Dellopmint , said on the first episode of the Epic Games Store. Com2u is a plan to provide more and more flexible baseball management plays for more global users through the OOTP 22 Epic Games Store s entry.

The OOTP Baseball is a NO.1 baseball management game that has a lot of baseball and game fans around the world, and it has a real game that seems to run the actual team as if it were accumulated for 22 years, .

Especially, the latest OOTP 22 , supports formal Koreans for the first time, and applies to the official uniforms and 3D stadiums of the KBO League, providing a more immersive experience for domestic users. The launch of the steam platform in the North American and the Korean market in the day of launched in the day, and it has proved high popularity, including the first place of the entire genre sales ranking.

Com2us is a policy to strengthen the market competitiveness, based on MLB in the United States, as well as MLB, including Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, and the brand of Com2us in the sports game.

Meanwhile, OOTP Baseball is a management game that secured the official license of the US MLB, and is showing a new package with the opening of the season every year.

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