New World Asmongold s name was stolen now asks Amazon for help

In an MMORPG, the name distribution for player characters is often a bitter fight. It is particularly bad in the recently playable New World, as names are only available once via servers. The popular Streamer Asmongold now asks the developers for help to secure his name. He was already snapped by another player.

Creator program could help streamers with name in New World

Asmongold, who of course the new MMORPG of Amazon does not want to miss, now sets an X at the end of his character name, as Asmongold is already occupied. Those players have to think again and again, but Asmongold thinks that great steamer and content creator should get help from the developers at Amazon Games. He proposes the introduction of a Creator program, which one could secure names, for example.

According to Asmongold, that would make sure that you can get streamers easier to take responsibility (he says Accountability ), but they also protect them that someone protects themselves or even tries to sell their name.

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Why should Streamer get special rights?

The well-known occupational gamer stresses that Streamer basically applies the game for millions of players. Both sides would have some of them to introduce a Creator program. Incidentally, this attitude is different in his fan community. While one agree with him that as a streamer has higher right to this name, others ask him if he is crazy and emphasize that it was very arrogant.


How ​​do you see it? Should Streamer be able to reserve your names before release, so nobody than you can spend or blackmail? Or should you follow the same rules like all other players? Betray us in the comments!

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