Quake Champions Autumn Update Update Notes

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Bethesda has published update notes for the autumn update of Quake Champions, which is online now.

new card

A new card is included in the update, entitled Deep Emn. Deep Embrace is playable in the Duel, TDM, DM, CA, Instagib and UHT game modes.

Awards of the Battle Pass of the season 8

All new skins of weapons and characters are available via the Battle Pass, with both Halloween themes and Quake II weapon skins. Some of them include:

Anarki – Vanity Warlock Broom
Doom Slayer – Vanity Jack-O-Lantern
Galena – Vanity Witch Hat
NYX – Vanity of the witch hat
Ranger – Vanity Jack-O-Lantern
Slash – Vanity of the witch hat

Showing updates

Burial Chamber – Added Duel Support, Available in Custom Games
Funeral chamber – adding two light armor available to TDM / FFA / duel objects
Azathoth Church – Fixed a Collision in Mega Health
Ruins of Sarnath – Correction of a collision above Jumppad LG
The Molten Falls – Delete the collision feat in the MH side view
Koth Tower – Deleting the Mega-Health Hunting Rifle in Duel
Koth Tower – Correction of initial emergence times of power
Koth tower – fixed hole in geometry near the base of the protection balcony
Koth tower – Correction of an operating collision outside the window, where the players could hide
Koth Tower – Removal of 4 horses in duel (two near the tower, two near Rg)


Knight of Death – fire track point activated


Propagation away from the flush rifle increased from 850 to 900

Game Mode Updates

Duel – Minimum reduced reappearance distance from 50 m to 35 m radius, 40 m to 50 m high
Duel – Minimum reappearance time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
UNHOLY TRINITY – Power-up spawns disabled
Added CA style damage score to CTF, bag, SLP
Clan Arena 2V2 has been removed from the classified game, always available in the personalized parts

video options

Adding the BLOOM button
Adding the tilting of the illuminating rockets

sound improvements

Increased volume of motion sounds to the third person in the mix of + 2 dB
Changing Strogg Pain Sounds To make pain levels more distinct
Changing the sound effects of the quad sensor and protection to no longer reuse the sound of the Mega Health sensor.
Added a unique sound effect when protection wears out
Updating the original Quake 1 rocket launcher shot sound
Correction of the sound at a citizen kane machine gun, which caused sound effects to two shots for a single ball shot
Correction of Citizen Kane machine gun reloading clicking
Correction of the ravage super nailgun shot when fast shot
Correction of overflow and impact sounds for ravager projectiles, they used disruptor sounds
Added four new wooden steps (stronger) that have a more pronounced wood sound to help players to identify when someone moves on wooden surfaces.


Correction of the Reticle Alignment of Athena Grapple
Adding a gradient behind the description of the custom game lobby card for better readability
Label of the Appearance tab deleted in customization


Adding coal shaders

Update orange weapon shaders (slightly darker orange)
Correction of vanity object Hoverboard Corpse Grinder in average quality
Correction of the quality of the Tesla Lightning Gun model in bass, medium and high
Removing Glowing Dynamic Light at the Third Person of the Long Rod Railgun


Increased Exp Avatar Medal of Death from 10 to 1000

The new combat pass, the new card and all balancing updates and bug fixes are available now when players launch Quake Champions.

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