HP OMEN 27i 1440P 165 Hz Monitor at 299 99

Always intrigued by the 1440p screens, aka qhd , grandpasses you have found it an already seen from HP, but to a lowest historic never seen , at Fnac: seriousness and quality in 27 inches . The alternative in MSI mode is almost identical, a little more expensive at LDLC and Materiel.net, and also has a strand of curved madness. Are you going to buy everything for a double screen?

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At this reduced rate of 34%, this 27 inch QHD monitor (1440p) HP OMEN 27i appears only at Fnac to 299,99 € instead of 499.99 € or 549 € on The official website of HP . Tested by Digital , which assigned the 4-star rating, this screen is distinguished by its ideal resolution for Xbox Series or other more powerful machines that would target performance mode or the Exceeding the 120 FPS.

Finally, with its IPS slab and its scanning speed of 165 Hz , il delivers a very well calibrated image as soon as the cardboard output and a fault reactivity that make him a very good gaming companion , conclude our colleagues and friends in their test. A guarantee of reliability and sustainable quality , would add granny.

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Less expensive, less wise and especially more immersive to the controls of a simulation vehicle, this MSI Optix G27CQ4 offers it also 165 Hz in 27 inches , but with a curvature of 1500R , that of a circle of 1.5 m radius. Another noticeable difference: it is more responsive (1 ms) with its function Freesync which limits the maximum movement blur. SOLD 339,95 € at MATERIEL.NET and LDLC , the tighter budgets still find there, while maintaining a brand investment.

Dalle VA on board, more versatile than a TN or an IPS since it is about between the two in terms of speed and color display. Given its resolution, it only has an HDMI 2.0B entry that will receive and reproduce the 1440P to 120 Hz sent by the Xbox Series S . A perfect screen for some dedicated games and uses, on the sidelines of the usual use. If you do not have it in second screen … You are not worthy of the good plans , punctual granny of a sardonic laugh that says a lot on his intention to add the little s in question next to Its PC tower, until the end of the various worries of Pricing and supplying RTX30 cards.

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