How to easily get McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin in Free Fire

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With the introduction of new events, players have a great opportunity to get free rewards free fire. Recently, the developers revealed a calendar, in which the dates of incoming events in the game include:

Celebrate Max Launch: 28 Sep – September 10
Max The Fire: September 30 – September 10
Pre-Registration Review: September 30 – September 10
Max Mission Exchange Reward: September 30 – September 10
Free car skin: October 2
Feed Pet: September 4 – September 10
Maximum weekend: 9 September – 10 September
Login Now: September 10

Garena has provided a preview of an event, free car skin, where she has the opportunity to get McLaren Winning Spirit car. The skin is not at any cost.

Disclaimer: The incident has not yet started, and the user will be able to get the skin of the car only after starting October 2.

Free Car Skin Event = Free Maclaren Winning Spirit Car Skin in Free Fire

As it has been said earlier, McLaren Winning Spirit is a part of the Free Car Skin program that started from October 2.

Players should take care that the event will only be available for that day, and they have to complete the goal of playing 100 minutes to get free skin. Once the user completes the task, they will be eligible to claim it as a reward.

After completing the mission, the steps to follow on October 2 to claim car s skin are given here:

Step 1: Gamers will have to start free fire on your device and go to the event section by clicking on the Calendar icon.

Step 2: After this, they will have to tap on the Max The Fire tab and press the Free Car Skin option.

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Step 3: Ahead of the car s skin, a claim button will be displayed. Click on it will be reward redeem.

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