A cute fox for the death of death

Handygames publisher Indie s Paradise Public Showcase presents the company s future headings 22.9. With your Twitch channel. The consolefin was able to see four interesting games in advance in the presentation of their authors.

Pois from a comfort zone on consolefin article series focusing on games behind the AAA titles.


NAME AIRHEAD HUNDS WHICH IS THAT IS IT. The combination of levels of level and the puzzle game lets the player to control the endless figure that grabs the loose end of his neck. Removable Muking must only get oxygen from time to time, which moves and the various activities consume. Stronged air tank points come to the need if you intend to stay alive.

PLAYDEADIN LIMBOLTA AND ININIDETA INSPECTION RAWING AND HOLLOW KNIGHTIN The adventure of the meridian characteristics seems to be very inventive and an original entity. The main character gets new features along the way in which everyone is utilizing air in some way. Double jumping consumes more oxygen, and in some pulses of the bulkhead should be transported, for example, with the wind. Many obstacles are resolved with the help of the environment, as long as it comes to keeping up with the whole measure in oxygen.

The work is placed in a degenerated world with its own ecosystem. In the environments, there are even a variety of life forms and sides, friendly and hostile. In addition, the hard-experienced world shows the mystical installations and machines of the past. AIRHEAD MASSA-abnormal art style and unique ideas remained about half-hour demos.

Airhead will be published shortly for consoles and a PC.


Sandbloom Studio s first bigger publication de-exit focuses on the post-life world. To the world, where the soul ends up before salvation. The studio describes the level of level created by voxelic graphics as an adventure created by a rimen and journey . Graphic style differs from the surface of the Simppel, as less frequently uncharded-based lines of originated work are presented with the simples in the cube.

There is no fight at all, even if you come in front of the dramatic and cinematic situations. The psychopathic Daniel has conquered the staging point of the souls and destroys it spreading the black oily substance around nature. It is up to the player to restore harmony to the world. The demo of puzzling and climbing and climbing was affected by promising. The light protects from the darkness, and on the player is assisted by a flashlight blade.

DE-EXITIN Formats and publishing time will be verified later.


Herobeat Studios s venuerative endlingin starboard has a small fox family. At the beginning, the pregnant emo will wear climate change from the woods to the safest countries. However, forest fires are not the only danger, as the ripples of civilization populate many hungry people. It is up to the player to grow the litter, to acquire food and at the same time survive many of the challenges of life. The appearance of puppies can also be customized.

ENDLING is basically a crossroads of the level of level and survival game that also describes the story that also tells the story of a human nature. The family has a common food gauge that tells the litter from the hunger situation. The nights consume a lot, so the days will usually start hunting. On the basis of the odor, edible and on the other hand also shows the story. The chain of transportation in the passage of music has a strong role. If three puppies out of four are going to go to the beginning of the game.

The ENDLING ENDLING FUTURISTIVE SMENT to the world looks very beautiful and promises to be a sad animal adventure at a later date.


Scarf presents warm-hearted exploration and easy levels of levels in an adventure suitable for the whole family. The name of his name grabs the head of the main character from the Dragon-Dropped Dragon, which acts as a player s auxiliary adventure. The scarf is transformed into a double-enhancing wings as well as a cloak with whom the faint himself over the gaps.

A sympathetic adventure consists of at least water, deserts and forest worlds in which each of the issues involved. In the demo player was able to transfer water levels by carrying the magical pearl. A handsome effect also enables many governing tasks.

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In addition, the Indie s Paradise Public Showcase introduces games RAs s Quest , one hand clapping , townsmen VR and perish .

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