Q1K3 is a tribute to Quake made with 13 kb of JavaScript

Gamings seem to be growing regularly taking up vast amounts of drive space however what can be done with very little resources? Quite a whole lot in fact as the Quake tribute Q1K3 has actually shown.

Created for the js13kGames competitors, where programmers are offered one month to create a video game with HTML5/ JavaScript and potentially get a prize. The primary restriction is that the data dimension restriction for entries is 13 kilobytes. It doesn t seem like a lot as well as not much bigger than an empty LibreOffice record.

One clever programmer called Dominic Szablewski revealed Q1K3 as their access, which is a first-person Quake influenced shooter and also it s really quite fantastic taking into consideration just how little it is.

Contrasted to many modern shooters and all the retro-inspired stuff it doesn t actually compare of program nevertheless I can t help however wonder at it for the success. It s an additional factor why I enjoy points like PICO-8, the cross-platform fantasy console that give programmers lots of restraints and also some great games have been made with it.

That stated it does take care of to squeeze in two levels, five various adversaries, 3 tools, thirty different structures, dynamic lighting, doors that open, a standard adversary AI and also more.

You can play it below and also see the resource code on GitHub. See the entry on the competitors site too.

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