The best car chess for mobile phones Car Chess against Dota Underlords against Chess Rush

Three car chess lots start, one remains left

There are many car chess games. This is a frightening fact. I have the feeling I blinked and the car chess genre looked up just out of the shadows and overturned me from all sides. I m still not woken up from this nightmare, and my fingers got away fervently, as if they were my feet running on the ground, but never move, frozen.

In any case, there are Dota Underlords, Car Chess and Chess Rush, and honestly they are all pretty much the same game.

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If you are a fan of mobile phone games, you will inevitably get involved in car chess, but the question is what game is the best for you?

It s a difficult question, but we are here to answer them while we compete the big guys from Mobile Car Chess.

They are all car chess

Well, I mean, there are no false answers, right? If you want to try Auto Chess for the first time, then you are all car Chess, and you all make a pretty good job to restore the favorite game mode of the fans.

You all have a similar user interface, a similar mechanics, and the games are very familiar with all three most popular mobile variants of Auto Chess. So honestly, if you would just choose one that you like, and you would try, you would not go wrong.

Dota Underlord s rating – The Best Car Chess

However, some of these games may have a more durable audience than others, and honestly Dota Underlord has the advantage here. As it is also available on Steam and provides complete cross-play support, you can make sure that the installation base may be much greater and will be there in the coming years.

This is certainly not a guarantee of car Chess and Chess Rush, as the former offer a pretty expensive Battle Pass and have already reached a large audience after the publication of Dota and Auto Chess.

1 The visuals

So if you compete against each other all three major mobile car chess games, you can not really complain about the quality of the three. They all look pretty good. But art styles differ.

For some reason, Chess Rush has decided for an incredibly cute style, which I usually do not expect from Tencent. For some reason, it does not feel directed to an older audience.

Dota Underlords is the opposite, she looks dark and thoughtful. Car Chess takes a nice center road. Depending on your preferences, I would say that this is either Dota Underlords or Auto Chess.

2 The benefits

What are the advantages when you play a repeat of car chess over another? From now on there are not many.

But Dota Underlords has the head. As mentioned earlier, it offers full steam support to ensure that your account is safe and the player s base is widespread.

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The other two games really have nothing excellent, which makes them necessary or more interesting. They are only, well, car chess.

3 The winner

If it is not obvious, it is Dota Underlords.

Ultimately, they are all car Chess, so there are still no false answers here, but Dota Underlords has a few small benefits that are the other two large games on the market.

If you only hold on to Auto Chess or Chess Rush, that s fine, and you should do it too. However, if you are not familiar with Auto Chess, Dota Underlords may be the best starting point.

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