NBA 2K22 How to take off your shirt without a shirt

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If you played any of the NBA 2K recent games, you know that many players love to run through the neighborhood and the city without their t-shirts. If you want to add to the trend without a shirt, we can help you. Here is How to take off your shirt and be without T-shirt in NBA 2K22 .

How to take off the T-shirt in NBA 2K22

Play 2V2 matches

NBA 2K22 offers you many missions to complete in my career mode that you offer several rewards. The mission that requires players from completing 25 games 2v2 will unlock the option to go without a shirt.

You do not even have to win the 25 matches to unlock the option to take off your shirt. Simply go to a 2v2 field in the city on next-generation or Bridge 15 consoles in the neighborhood to start preparing for these games.

Choose go shirtless

Once you have completed 25 2v2 matches, it opens the My Career Menu, sail to the My Player tab and then select Appearance. From there, go to La Ville / Le Quartier, then Haut. In the upper menu, the option to remove the shirt should be there.

Select the shirtless icon in the upper menu to scroll through the city or the shirtless neighborhood.

This is the only way to do it in NBA 2K22, unlike previous games where the option was linked to your overall rating. Complete the 2V2 mission will also reward you with 1000 MVP points.

That s all you need to know How to take off your shirt and be without T-shirt in NBA 2K22 . Be sure to check our Game Guide Wiki to get more tips, tricks and other useful information.

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