How to get Moko Month Sports Car Skin in Free Fire

Free Fire offers a great selection of cosmetics, and they are usually in high demand among the players. Most of those items can be obtained by spending diamonds, which are premium in-game currency.

As an alternative, users can achieve such specific items through any cost events. In the last ten days, many programs based on Moko: Reborth are running in the game, thereby receiving many unique awards to the players.

On the peak day of the event, i.e. 18 September, users get the opportunity to get the skin of Moko Munt Sports car free.

Note: This event is not active at writing but will be made available on 18 September 2021. On that day the player will be able to get the car s skin free.

A guide on receiving Moko Mount Sports Car Skin in Free Fire

As it has been reported earlier that Moko Month Sports Car Skin will be provided free on September 18. This is also the day when Awakened Version will be added to Moko Character Free Fire.

To get special car skin, players must complete a specific mission – Plays for 100 minutes . Therefore, all players will have to do to get Moko Month Sports Car Skin Play Free Fire for 100 minutes on September 18.

After completing the task, Gamers can follow these steps to claim it as a reward:

Step 1: Users must first boot Garena Free Fire on their devices and then clamp the calendar icon.

Step 2: Players should click on the Moko: Reborth section and tap on Platime tab on September 18.

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Step 3: Players will get a claim button next to the reward. The skin will be redeemed on clicking on it.

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