3 reasons to play Figment Journey Into the Mind of Bedtime DG available for iOS Switch

Clockwork Zoo, (formerly Octagon CSI), based in Cape Community, South Africa, was South Africa s biggest animation workshop from 2005 up until its closure in 2010. After creating the local action-adventure teenager program Urbo: The Adventures of Pax Afrika, the company created the computer animation for several worldwide television collection, consisting of the fifth season of Caillou co-produced with the Cookie Container Group, Mr. Infant for Xilam, and also the Play house Disney series Florrie s Dragons, co-produced by Wish Films.

What does your inner spirit look like? The reality is probably not as pretty as fight , the latest creation of bedtime DG. This award-winning puzzle action game takes you into a surreal world interconnected floating islands, rickety equipment and some more eccentric residents – all in mind a man. It is a bizarre, musical matter in which it comes to giving peace to a restless mind. Here are three reasons why you should now get it on iOS, Switch, Steam or PlayStation.

Creative concept

In fight take control of Dusty and his faithful winged companion piper. They live in the subconscious of a mind when they are once in peace. With nightmounting thoughts Dusty and Piper must find a way to restore the order and banish the bad guys with understood and muscles. There are two main areas in the game that represent the left and right side of the brain. The liberty islands reflect the right side, the part of the brain dealing with creativity, musicality and imagination. Therefore, the puzzles they encounter more lateral thinking to solve them. The Clockwork Town represents the left side, the part of the brain dealing with science, numbers and language. Here you have to go to your logical side to solve puzzles.

Audio design

Music is a central component of fight . You can enjoy a comprehensive soundtrack whose moods and tempi change when you move to different parts of the card and encounter new characters and puzzles. Especially in the field of Freedom Isles, music with plants and bridges from accordions, louds and metal blasters in the environment is woven – and all for themselves alone. The sound design gives you a real feeling of immersion in this strange world. As you race from island to island, everything seems to creak in the wind and shuffle. Windmills squeal, plants puffed loud projectiles and your wooden sword makes a satisfactory blow. FIGMENT is also fully voice-controlled, with many carefree dialogues that give the game a lot of fun and character.

Surreal graphics

FIGMT The pictures are an important attraction for the realization of the curry concept. Both the Liberty Islands and Clockwork Town are covered with surreal nods on the functions of the mind, of platforms from clock wheels and huge books up to trees with ears. Everything looks soft and painted and seems to be in motion. The result is a universe that consists of equal parts from Dali s painting and bizarre children s markets. Even if you think about which valve you have to turn or press to solve a mystery, it is pleasant to see only the chunken screwshoot clouds in the background. Character designs are also appealing, from red-nosed, bladed dusty to the Tim Burton-like enemies, all with the same surreal touch as the environment.

Solve puzzles, defeated bosses and rescue the mind in this lively adventure puzzle game. You can download Fight: Travel to the Ghost Now on [iOS – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/figment-journey-into-the-mind/id1454799373], Switch, Steam and PlayStation.

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