How to kill a ladybug in Grounded

The ladybug is one of the greatest enemies that you will face Mes to the Earth. It may sound cute, but it has a lot of punch and can be a difficult fight if you attack it in the wrong domain.

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Where to find the ladybug

You can find the ladybug patrolling in a fairly large area south of the great oak. When you arrive at the spot indicated on the map above, go up as high as possible and you should see the red shell of the ladybug between herbs.

How to kill the ladybug

The ladybug slowly moves, with a large bar of health. He also hits very hard, and two shots of this beast will take you to your reappearance. When you fight, use a lance and keep your distances. Start the fight by stabbing it several times, then try to continue to turn to your back and sides while fighter.

The ladybug will call most of his attacks by feating a little back, so it s quite easy to dodge if you are careful. You should always try to fight the ladybug in the grass, because the grass strands will trap, which will make it very difficult to move the creature and allow you to get a lot of shots against it.

Finally, pay attention to spiders. If you start fighting a creature too close to a spider, it will join you, and it s not a fight you can win. When you kill the ladybug, be sure to enter the head, because you can analyze it to get a recipe from the insect ax.

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