Steam PC room in Nara You can enjoy blade points

Steam PC room Net Izu Battle Royal Game ‘Nara Car: Blade Point’ came in.

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Nara Car: Blade Points installed on the Battle of Steam on August 21, and the steam sales volume and the top of the world and the coordinator top of the world.

More than 60 users were able to use a sword, window, bow, cannon, including short and distant weapons, etc., and feature a high-performance action that utilizes wire.

Steam PC room is a service that can play games released on steam without separate mums in domestic PC rooms. On May 6, the official service was in full service, and the merchant is 2,500 nationwide.

Play Weed PC Room Jung Jae University said, As the most popular close-up Battle Royal Games, Nararaka, the Battle Royal Games, the PC room, has been able to enjoy a variety of games in the PC room, and discussing the benefits and supports that can be enjoyed in the steam PC cafe through Publisher and Consultation. I am in the middle and I ask you for your interest.

For more information, see Steam PC Cafe homepage.

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