Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 Challenges and Quests Titan Armor

The return of the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2 means new series of challenges and quest to completely improve your event armor for each of the three classes. You will need to play different activities, face different types of enemies and come back sporadically to the EAZ to play matches.

When all the challenges are completed, you will need to visit the hero statue in the tower and meditate there to improve your armor.

In this guide you can find all armor challenges for Renewed and Majestic Armor Sets for Titans. This information is drawn from various data datamines and will be checked twice for their accuracy at the beginning of the event.

renewed armor set

Solstice Helm

Complete a race through the EAZ
End-precision ends
Defeat the enemies of the hive

Solstice Gauntlets

Defeat the enemies in the EAZ
Get super killings against enemies in the EAZ
Beat enemies in the EAZ using a arc subclass

Solstice plate

Complete 5 adventures
Retrieve solar orbes during strikes
Beat other players in Crucible or Gambit

Solstice strikes

Complete 5 public events on Nessus

Retrieve vacuum orbs in the crucible or gambit
Unlock 10 solstice packages

mark of solstice

Collect elementary orbs in any activity
Finish 5 playlist strikes
Complete 5 crucible or gambit games

majestic armor set

Closed off

Collect elementary orbs using a corresponding subclass
Complete 10 Gambit games
In a team, beat the guards in the crucible or the gambit using arc weapons


Complete 10 heroic public events
Defeat enemies with abilities
Defeat 20 boss

Heroes Return (issue 1, 2021)


Defeat the enemies in Strikes with the daily subclass
Defeat the enemies in the EAZ
Defeat Fallen with the subclass of the day


Defeat enemies with elementary damage
Retrieve void orbs in any shot
Overcoming enemies with solar melee attacks


Finish 5 patrols on IO
Retrieve elementary orbs in the EAZ
Beat enemies with solar weapons

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