NBA 2K22 How to use the face scan

NBA 2K22 is finally there, and fans use the face scan function in the mobile app to create an individual appearance for your MyPlayer as in recent years. Recent with MyPlayer is an annual tradition, and creating a custom character is a really important part of the process. However, to speed up things, you can use the face scan function to create a character in a short time, which looks exactly as it looks. If you have done it for past NBA 2K titles, you should already know how it works this year. Currently there are some problems with the system. How to scan your face in NBA 2K22 with the mobile app.

How to use the face scan in NBA 2K22

To use the face scan in NBA 2K22, you must download the Mynba 2K22 app on Android or iOS. With this app you can redeem locking codes, check your VC balance and mainly use the face scan to personalize your myplayer. However, the app is currently not available on Google Play or in the iOS App Store, so you have to wait a few days before you can download it.

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Scanning faces in NBA 2K22 is treated for both Google and Apple apps. More updates soon.

As soon as updated apps are available, you can add Face scans retroactively to your myplayer ????

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After downloading the app, set up your MyPlayer account and connect it to NBA 2K22 and the Mobile Mynba2K22 app. Then select Scan Your Face app and follow the instructions on the screen. It works mostly as well as last year and the year before, so you should have no problems if you do everything right.

Once you have scanned your face in the app, your appearance data is uploaded to the 2K server and automatically displayed in the game. The face scanning function may not lead to a good-looking face when performing a bad scan. Follow these tips to achieve the best quality:

Make sure your face is uniformly illuminated from the front and has as little shadow as possible.
Keep the phone at eye level.
Keep the phone about 18 inches away from your face.
Slow your head slowly to a maximum of 45 degrees.
Look forward while turning your head.
When turning the head, make sure that you show your chin not only from one side to the other.

NBA 2K22 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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