NBA 2K22 best team by position and archetype on my career

The career is an individual’s metaphorical journey with knowing, work and various other facets of life. There are a number of means to define career as well as the term is used in a selection of methods.

If you quickly want to progress with your player, here are our advice to choose his team in the game of my NBA 2K22 career. This guide aims to introduce the best options to change your player quickly and optimally. Therefore, if your goal is only to evolve in your favorite training, you can pass your way.

Nevertheless, optimizing a minimum choosing a team should help you quickly advance the progress of your character, a good thing given the general duration of the Grind on NBA 2K22.

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Choosing your university

So even before talking about the NBA, it should be noted that NBA’s novelties 2K22 ( on Next-Gen only for the moment) is to be able to get an interesting bonus through the NCAA box. Indeed, as explained in our guild, the passage through the university makes it possible to obtain, in case of victory in the final of the championship, four additional badges to your build.

Therefore, since each college offers different bonuses, take the time to choose a university that will give you badges that complement your build.

The choice of his team on my career for NBA 2K22?

So, unlike last year, you will not be able to choose your team directly at the exit of the university. Even if your NBA combine is going well, it will not be possible to determine with certainty your future training.

Nevertheless, it will be possible to choose your team if you spend the Intro period via high school / university. In addition, if the game does not offer direct choices via the intro, it will always be possible to request transfers.

Therefore, it is still interesting to evoke the best teams where to play in order to progress faster in my career mode.

the mode my career and the importance of a team

Overall, the choice of a team on my career must be optimized in order to quickly progress. Indeed, the idea is to select a training that will make you play often, who will gain regularly and so, which will boost your total points obtained.

Here are some key elements to consider in your selection:

You must be able to quickly impose yourself in the rotation of the team, even if it’s in 6th man. The idea is to have play time to progress.
Try not to duplicate the role of an already present player in a team. If you are a defensive interior, avoid five with already good advocates inside.
In the same way, to integrate a good team could unbalance his game style if you have a totally different perspective of the rest of the five major.
Attention also to formations that lack the depth of bench. A good five will make a difference but a bench too weak could mean many frustrating defeats.
The team must be able to win , at least the majority of its games. You will get a bonus by winning but especially, your season will continue via the playoffs.

To summarize, the goal is to complete an average or strong team, integrating with its style of play and needs. We detail our observations and advice in the following part of this guide.

The best teams for my career according to your position, build and archetype

Here is our list of the best teams for my career, depending on your player’s position and archetype. Note that we take here, the notes and numbers of NBA 2K22 for the release of the game. Successive updates could come change this selection, as well as transfers during the season (both in the game and in the game. real world).

Player (Point Guard): Boston Celtics (organizer), Clippers (organizer), Milwaukee Bucks (organizer or shooter)
rear (Shooting Guard): Dallas Mavericks (Offensive, 3 Points and Defense), Denver Nuggets (Offensive or Organizer), Lakers (Offensive, 3 Points and Defense), Philadelphia 76ers (3 points and defense)
winger (Small Forward): Atlanta Hawks (3 points and defense), Phoenix Suns (3 points and defense), Portland Trailblazers (3 points and defense), Utah Jazz (Offensive)
Fort (Power Forward): Chicago Bulls (Rebound / Defense), Memphis Grizzlies (Rebound / Defense), Phoenix Suns (Offensive or Rebound / Defense), San Antonio Spurs (Offensive or Rebound / Defense), Washington Wizards (rather defensive)
Pivot (Center): Charlotte Hornets (rebound / defense or offensive), Golden State Warriors (defender), Miami Heat (rebound / defense),

The best teams to start my career

It is explained here in more detail, the reasons for our choices and the positions / teams that make the most direction to start well.

Boston is an excellent training to start since the workforce is very strong but the role of playmaker could easily open up to you. Enjoy the incredible level of Tatum to improve your stats and progress quickly.

Another good setting for starting is Chicago , Bulls with a rather interesting and dynamic workforce with one of the Ball brothers. A defensive PF could benefit from a very focused training on external fire.

Finalists last year, Suns are also an excellent destination for an inner player. Between CP3 at the pass, Ayton to attract the indoor cover and booker to bomb remotely, a defensive PF would be quite in its place.

Hoping that they do not suffer more injuries, the Golden State Warriors are an amazing choice for an interior. Thus, with stars at all positions except pivot, a defensive / rebound player would be excellent here.

Finally, probably the most obvious choice: Los Angeles Lakers . If it is difficult to know where LeBron and Westbrook will evolve, a rear will take advantage of a gold workforce to create opportunities and gain a lot of games.

teams to avoid in the fashion my career

So be careful, if your goal in my career is to become the star in your team, no problem. If you fall into the worst training of the league, you can quickly become saved from the club. However, if you lose regularly, you will not enjoy victory boosts, slowing down your character’s progress.

Therefore, start with a bad team, slow down your evolution but could also be a source of motivation for some. All depends on your level of play, your desires and your playing time. If you are motivated and you have the opportunity to wear a team, do not hesitate to reproduce seasons like Jordan in 1989 or Wilt Chamberlain in 1962!

Teams to avoid to start

If it is not necessarily negative to arrive in a weak team, some formations are more limited (both in the workforce and in its potential) than others.

Thus, the Detroit Pistons are relatively small with more, a relatively limited roster potential. Although the winger position is available, win at the beginning of the season will be difficult.

In the same idea, Oklahoma needs a lot of aid to come back to the lead, in addition to being in the West Conference.

It could also be quoted Orlando that has a proper workforce but quite limited there again.

After, if it’s during the season or career, remember that the workforce is dynamic and they will change. Thus, a bad team for the 2022 season could become a great place to transform your holder into all-star.

So much for our best team guide by position and archetype to evolve quickly with your player in the fashion my career of NBA 2K22. We will update all our guides and tricks on the basketball game. Do not hesitate to consult our other guides as well as our article on the list of changing codes on our NBA 2K22 portal.

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