Half Life Alyx Neues Gameplay

The entire fight and exploration are also shown in more than 10 minutes of new footage.

Valve Software has new gameplay material for published debreichwertzeit: Alyx , which are essentially three parts of a journey. Meanwhile, we see the protagonist Alyx Vance, which deals with head crabs, zombies and even combine. Look at all three videos below.

The footage helps to highlight some of the clearer aspects of VR, eg. B. the casual turning a dead head crab to see your ugly face. Shootouts with the combination also look good as the player can go into cover and shoot about what the fighting makes much exciting. We also see a variety of dark corridors and infested environments, and the series has never looked better.

Exploring CDK Internals
While the teleportation movement is shown, Valve has already clarified that a smooth movement is supported. Deworthwertszeit: Alyx is available for PC on March 23 and for the owners of Valve Index free of charge. It also supports a variety of other VR headsets on PCs such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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