Do you want to expand the world like the world as Yakuzu

series, the series, has been able to expand the world view as a country other than Japan.

Roast Jaggets> of Chief Producer Hokokawa Kazuki will be popular in the future of the studio, as for the future of the studio, as for the future of the studio, as for the future of the studio, as for the future of the studio. To this end, We will be steadily worried so that they can deal with.

Of course, we have not yet revealed a specific plan for expansion of other countries as a region of distress. If you focus on the remarks, you can also think that you can expand the material called ‘Yakuza’ to other countries or extend to other countries. However, considering that it is a certain degree of expression based on some actual materials, it seems to be lower than that of Yakuza’s overseas entry stories.

The above remarks are a place to inform you that Hokkawa is worried about the subsequent direction of the series of Kazuki. The series, such as Yakuza , such as dealing with the unique material and the entire Japan, is steadily popular, the more likely, the more limited limitations on the way the material and dealing.

Kazuki said, Like Dragon> as series and linked to the fans, I wanted to give a new experience to the fans. The result was <7: 7: light and dark hospital (7)>, and .

<Jersey Iizu>, has been a crime thriller, dealing with real-time combat, and tied a experimental attempt with a real-time combat with a crime thriller. Subsequently, is a more smoothed result of the attempt of .

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When viewed, the studio as <Dragon is likely to be a variety of directions on the overall appearance of the game, including the material Yakuza . Recently, Nagisa Tosichiro’s Net Izu Negotiation Rumor is also a part of it.

Meanwhile, the series as series has been released in 2005, and many series, including the main and abduction, remake, and became popular worldwide. Overseas were released under the name , and the number of cumulative sales in 2020 will reach 1,400,000.

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