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[Eye News 24 Moon Young-su] Netmarble’s second half of Netmarble ‘Marble Future Revolution’ is a veil. NCsoft ‘s’ Blade & Soul 2′ and the schedule have been overlapping with a day difference, but it is a form of a loyal user who wishes the Malvel fans and raises the ranking of the warehouse.

Marble Future Revolution is a Netmarble Monster, which made the ‘Marble Future Fight’, Netmarble’s opposite game. So, the color and design of the user interface (UI), and the design, etc., have been similar to Marvel Future Fight. We have been impressed by developing and servicing for a long time Marvel game and accumulating the accumulated know-how.

The early sequence is that it is a normal level of the common game. Marvel Future Revolution sequentially shows heroes of heroes that oppose the Heroes, who opposed to the proprietary blasphemy (M.O.D.O.K.), as soon as it starts. Especially, the detailed expression of the characters was a compatible, but the development fee was about to pour out all of them.

Users can emerge a lot of familiar Marble Heroes as a lot of movies, such as Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America, and understand the main events of the game, the main event of the game. Convergence is a phenomenon that the districts of multiple universe began to gather at a point, resulting in various events and disasters.

The developer was a character that I felt that this game was quite a ball in this game. Other MMORPGs have all the same as most of the villages, but Marble Future Revolutions were different according to the Heroes selected. So there was fun with different heroes and watching stories.

It is also the main purpose of this game that does not focus on only one Hero, and ultimately enhances your own ‘squad’. So I felt that I had a MPG expansion of Marble Future Fight, which had to raise several Heroes. Mandar Future Futa has also had a combat action to evolve.

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It was also an advantage that you can decorate your own Hero. There may be an external shape that has been made in the Costume, which appeared in the ‘Avengers’ movie. The equipment system is also unusual, in this game, in this game, it adopted a ‘card’ system instead of equipment such as armor and weapons. When you collect cards that utilize the original Marvel cartoon cover, you are a way to attract character skills with the set effect.

Marble Future Revolution was certainly a feeling of evolving Maboram. If you want to feel the immersive sense of original story that could not be in contact with this movie, you will play this game.

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