The new Action RPG Marvel Future Revolution feels like Marvel s next movie

The new Mobile Action RPG Marvel Future Revolution was launched a week ago and the game editor, Jürgen Horn, played it. And although at the end the game is just a typical mobile grinder, Marvel’s new game is really fun and motivates you to keep playing.

Surname: Marvel Future Revolution | Developer: NetMark | Price: Free2Play | Platforms: iOS, Android | Liberation: August 25, 2021

What is Marvel Future Revolution? Marvel Future Revolution is not the mobile version of Marvel’s Avengers. It is a sequel species of Mobile Success Marvel Future Fight. This comes from the Netmarble Korean developer, who was already responsible for also successful Mobile Mobile Lineage 2 Revolution.

Marvel Future Revolution is a playing role play of open world for iOS and Android. The story comes from the author of Marvel Marc Sumerak and offers a new plot that fits perfectly with the current works of Marvel such as Loki or What if …. Because several lands of the Multiverse collide and merge to form a primary land.

This creates many problems because the different lands bring with them all their versions of the well-known heroes and villains. Therefore, it is alluded to a member of the newly founded superhero team omega flight.

Who played it? Jürgen Horn has several reasons to play Marvel Future Revolution. He loves Marvel’s movies and genius heroes and villains. He also likes mobile games and has no problems with automatic game if he is kept within the limits. And then he likes to enjoy games with excellent graphics. He found everything together in Marvel Future Revolution.

Marvel’s next movie with which to play

This is how it starts great: Actually, I do not like tutorials, especially when I jump, when I just installed the game and I really just wanted to see if the patch data was already installed.

But no, Marvel Future Revolution will not leave me alone and I have to save the world right now. Literally, because the convergence event mentioned above is occurring and several lands are in the process of collision. That should be quite stupid for all those involved, which is why several superheroes are already on their way to saving the earth (s).

My adventure begins with the Casual Star Lord, which saves the passers-by listening to music and is surprised by strange types with yellow protective costumes. These are agents of the evil organization A.i.M., known by Marvel’s Avengers. They want to solve problems with the power of science, but the best thing that occurs is to bomb the other lands with antimatter.

I do not want to accept this simple and brutal solution, and that’s it! This is followed by a brief shooting against the agents, which Star Lord kills easily. Already here and in the previous scene you can see that Marvel Future Revolution did not skate on the graphics. The usual colorful aspect of comic and films templates is perfectly captured and flashes and sparkling in abundance in combat until all agents die.

STORM is a powerful distributor of damage that knocks down hordes from enemies.

Quick displacement by all heroes: Well, that’s all, finished tutorial!, I think for myself, but no, suddenly a great opponent pug and Star Lord are knocked down at the moment. But then, suddenly, BLACK WIDOW arrives and pulls it out of trouble. I peleo the next fights with the agile agent and I also know the movements and skills of it.

But even Widow finally reaches her limits and has to be rescued by the goddess of Storm Storm. And after STORM comes Dr. Strange used the magic of him.

In this way, I play through virtually all the heroes of the selection once and gradually avoided A.i.M. And the three (!) M.O.D.O.K, that came from different dimensions. The solo struggle against three of these grotesque flexible types with huge heads and tiny arms and legs is a true culminating point.

At some point, the tutorial ends after what seems like an hour of play and I already feel that I just finished the game. The earth (s) are saved and our heroes have gained again. OR?

This is how it continues after the tutorial: Unfortunately no, because the merger of the lands on one means now there are innumerable different versions of the earth at a time and, therefore, besides the known land, there is also Variants in which Hydra’s unpleasant fascists have taken the power or land in which the gods of Asgard govern directly on humanity.

So that all these lands do not cause problems with their heroes and villains, now there is the new omega flight troop and I can choose which of the heroes will join my team. I choose Captain Marvel, Ironman, Star Lord and Storm. Later you can unlock more spaces for heroes.

With Star Lord you have to find Groot in the jungle of dinosaurs.

The best tutorials I’ve played: Each of my team’s heroes has its own history of origin, in which they recreas how he got on the omega flight. These stories are only tutorials again, but without exception they tell an exciting story and effectively familiarize me with the gameplay of the respective characters.

As Star Lord, I have to escape an alternative land full of dinosaurs and fight against an evil version of Groot. By the way, the special movement of him is also called Groot. As Storm, on the other hand, I have to avoid a rebellion of prisoners at the Super Prison The Raft and in the end I have an exciting duel with magnet, both physically and philosophically.

When I finally unlocked all my heroes and started the main story, I was already hooked and the exclusive Marvel Flair has me completely under my spell. I just want to know how the promising story will continue.

is not a forceful grinder despite the automatic playback function

Avengers Family Feud

This is how the actual game begins: After another great scene, the main game continues and is supposed to review Tony Stark Ultron drones with Capitan Marvel. As you can guess, suddenly they go crazy and begin to attack the residents of the city. My mission is to dismantle the robots that drink too much and discover what went wrong.

This is how the open world works: The fight against the Untrons takes place on a large and open map. I can move freely in the area and a main mission takes me through the area. In the middle there are innumerable secondary tasks, which often also count an interesting story. One day I have to help a girl repair the supposedly domesticated unity of her Ultron Uliti or I run the dispute between several very rebel versions of Spider Man.

Even Captain Marvel does not have it easy against a horde of spider-meno snaps.

This is how the game works: Innumerable opponents challenge me to fight and, as in the fights of tutorials, I am surprised by the tactical depth that the game has. I have several skills that are loaded very fast. To do this, I have to monitor my movement, because the strong bosses, in particular, often throw area attacks that should avoid. This works well thanks to the controls of the touch screen well implemented and there are also skills that admit dodge or block.

The timely use of my best skills ensures that I will knock down the opponents as fast, effectively and spectacularly as the Marvel Heroes had done in the films. Here, too, the full sensation of Marvel comes out when Captain Marvel hits his opponents with his bursts of photons or Iron Man opponents through the area with his repulsorate rays and hit all kinds of capers in the process.

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That’s why automatic reproduction is not so bad: I can also make fights and roads towards the objectives of the mission are automatically carried out if I wish it. Therefore, an automatic playback function is an integral part of the game.

But here it is very important to lend a hand and avoid the attacks of the boss or correctly timing specially devastating special movements. In fact, I only have automatic playback activated when I want to go to a certain place quickly, because my heroes can also fly and, therefore, simply fly to the point of destination quickly.

That should still be criticized: With all the compliments for Marvel Future Revolution, there is also something to complain about. The game suffers the discomfort that you receive offers from the store and achievements in which you must click to continue playing.

The game also has tons of values ​​and improvements, which for my taste comes out of control and spent a lot of time optimizing the hero. I find those management tasks quite boring, I prefer to experience more stories and hit the opponents.

In addition, the gameplay will surely be fun, but I imagine that it will wear out at some point and that you do the same very often. I still hope exciting stories that make me happy.

Finally, it should be said that Marvel Future Revolution is very demanding and even enough, even enough Galaxy Note20 Ultra was only suggested the second best graphics option. The game ended soon, the phone was very heated and the battery was almost empty after a little more than two hours of play.

That’s not good for a game that I really want to play on the fly.

Conclusion: An addictive game for mobile devices that greatly benefits from the Marvel Bonus

I admit, at the bottom of Marvel Future Revolution there is a reinforced version of Lineage 2 Revolution, only you play with famous superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

But here is exactly where the great appeal of the game resides. While I never got into the world and the story of Lineage, I am really interested in history here and I am totally in humor to polish new costumes and cosmetics for my heroes.

In addition, the gameplay has more action and is not as adjusted to automatic playback. So, if you are looking for a fun Marvel game with a great story, excellent graphics and a lot of Marvel style, you can start the download with confidence here.

Horn of Jürgen
Editor in Mein-MMo

So far my opinion on Marvel Future Revolution. What do you think of Marvel’s new title? If you are looking for even more great mobile games, take a look at our list in DLPRIVATEERVER: The 9 best mobile MMORPG 2021 for iOS and Android.

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