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** \ – Collaboration for spreading the learning value of the window, Digital environment active,

** \ – Creating a window for future generations and creating an environment and activating an educator community

Smile Gate Hope Studio Futurea (Futures) (Label Lab), US Massachusetts University (MIT) Media Lap Mitchell (hereinafter referred to as a Study on the Learning of Mitchell) I said today (18th) today.

Future and MIT Media Lab forms a consensus on education paradigm for resolving social issues that have been in the future, and FLCs to create mutual cooperation through FLCs through FLCs. Kwon Hyuk Bin is a FLC Super Strategy Director as a FLC Top Strategic Officer, and will present a vision for change of domestic education paradigm, and FLC’s joint-to-seeker Mitchell’s professor is based on the research and field experience of the life of the window, I plan to plan.

FLC was based on the following five core philosophy in order to create an educational environment where child youth keeps self-centered and grows into a healthy social member. First, I learned in the way I think. Second, I have curiosity and solve the problem. Third, I believe in the power of the action. Fourth, We will use the use of creative use rather than skills of technology. Fifth, I will build a sharing and new culture of experience.

In particular, the FLC plans to develop practical research research on three areas, including advanced technology, educator, and external consensus composition. To this end, it is a policy to create a collaboration community with a variety of professional groups and education officials. Once the FLC is operated in earnest, when the FLC is in earnest, the focus group test using the coding app piceplay prototype being developed by the MIT media lab will be conducted on the domestic user.

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In addition, MIT Educator Online Training Site Learning Creative Running is planned to adapt to the domestic learning environment.

Meanwhile, Futures and MIT Media Lab have been continually collaborating with the vision of creation of the learning environment in the window since last 2016. Professor MIT Media Lap Mitchell is widely known as a person who created the free coding community ‘scratch’ to the world’s largest children’s target. He has published a ‘lifelong kindergarten’ that suits a new educationalism for growing in creative brains.

The creative learning and growth of the Smile Gate Hope Studio Kwon Hyuk Bin, said, Creative learning and growth starts from his curiosity, discovers dreams, and is natural when enjoying the process of enthusiasm, and The FLC council I expect to find ways to find the learning environment composition of a window that can experience the value of collaboration and sharing.

Professor MIT Media Lap Mitchell Lesnik said, I am very happy to launch FLC with FTC, and FLCs with Futabot’s vision that I have been working on pursuing Furing Labs. In terms of points, FLCs are likely to be able to make a change in change.

Futurea is a creative environmental research institute that appeared by a smile gate by 100% for the future generation. We provide content, learning culture, and space that can be expressed in child youth, and help them grow into a happy citizen that can design the future to design the future. More information on FLCs and educator support projects, which are in part of the FLC, can be found through the Futuraw homepage .

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