Craftone Candlegia Digipen Game Engineering Major 2 9 million won fund

Kraffe tons said that he has agreed to pay 29 million won for students with members of the Member of Major University, with members of the Digipen Gaming Engineering.

Both sides have proceeded on the development of development fund through online video conference on Wednesday, September 1. In this place, officials, Kim Won-jin, a graduate director of Kwon Galva University, and Cala Tone members from Keimyung University were attended together and congratulated the development funds.

The development fund was created in a craftone matching grant donation program. CRAY TONGIAL DISPLATION AND DIGIPE GAME BACK A member of the Digipen Game Engineering Municipal Membership, and a member of the company appeared here, and appeared here. A total of 2,9 million won development funds are collected, and the funds provided through donations are used as scholarships for students who are studying in the US Digipen University.

Craftone creates an in-house matching grant donation program and supports voluntary donations of members. The Keimyung University of the Craft Tone Membership Fund Their development fund commission is the second example of the KAIST development fund commission, followed by a self-contained member.

Craftone’s Terminology Programmers were able to study the members who participated in the development fund composition, Based on this valuable experience, the juniors have also participated in donations to focus on studying and grow into a good developer, he said, I am a good idea to give a good idea to the alumni who gave me a good sense.

DigiPen Computer Science  2016-2017

Kim Won-jin, Galva University, said, The alumni, said, The alumni gathered for a scholarship for the juniors and said, said, I would like to raise my dreams.

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