Netmarble Marble Future Revolution launch show Cumulative viewer 33 million records

[Data provided: Netmarble]


Friday Night Funkin’| “Madness” Lyrics


\ – On the 29th, ‘Future Revolution Cattle’ Online Progress

\ – Enjoy the Influenza Nerobo, Kwak Min, Tastes, Wu Biei, Oking, etc.

Netmarble said, MBLE RELVEL REPLATION> MBLACE Revolution> MABLE FUNU Revolution Future Revolution Cattle ‘(Mirae Revolution Cattle (Future Revolution Cattle) said today (30 days) today (30 days).

In the 29th, the ‘Future Revolution Carriers’, which proceeded online on Netmarble TV, such as Ozo Commentary and Kim Soo-hyun announcer, and Kim Soo-hyun announcer, The contents showed the contents.

In addition, Super Junior members, such as East Sea, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Lee, Lee, and a special match that plays a game with influenza and one team,

On this day, the broadcast was achieved a lot of implementations from users, including Netmarble YouTube official channel Netmarble TV, Africa TV, Naver TV, tweezers, etc.

Net Marble Lee Jung-wook, said, I am sincerely thanking you for viewers who participated in this Lonnamic Show, he said, I will provide a variety of pleasures through the game, and ask for many expectations and support.

The of , which is a second collaboration title.

was released in Korea, USA, France, Singapore, Thailand, etc. on the first place for the free game division, and stably on the global market.

For more information on , see Official website , Facebook , YouTube formula Channel Netmarble TV , and the like.

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