2021 e Sports College League

‘2021 E Sports University League’ was confirmed 30 days (days) school to advance to the end of the year to decide the best e-sports universities this year.

This year, the Sports University League conducted a source of area for a month for August. League of Legend (Roll) (hereinafter referred to as the Metropolitan University), a pulse league tournament, divided into the metropolitan area, Yeongnam River, Gangwon, Chungcheongbuk-do, Hunam, and Jeju, and the resulting, , Hannam University, Kanyang University, and Chonnam Science University entered the connection. The right line advance ticket was assigned in proportion to the number of participating universities by region, and the Metropolitan Government of the Metropolitan Government was fierce to the second largest group. In particular, the Chonnam Science University has shown a high level of ability this year as a university last year.

Battle Ground Mobile The Mobile Category was classified as a national university that has completed the university’s leading campaign, and the 16 universities have entered the final connection. In Joe A, Korea Technical Education University, Myung Ki University, Holy Ghost University, Yonsei University (Seoul), Konkuk University (Seoul), Dongguk University (Seoul), Kyungsil University, , Jeju Hannam Science University, Jeju Hana University, Pohang, University, Chosun University, Dong-A University, and Handong University have succeeded in advance. In the case of Konyang University, Jeonnam Science and Busan University, the battle of the battle ground finals, followed by the battleground of the battle ground, and showed a strong appearance in the mobile stocks, and it has shown a strong appearance,

The university team that advanced to the connection is provided to the E-sports education to improve its skills. Professional instructors and professional teams are directly experienced by professional players, and this is a program that the satisfaction of college league participating players last year is the highest.

The long-awaited ‘2021 E Sports University League’ Connection is held on September 25, 26th, 26th, and the winning team for each quarter is awarded by the Cultural Physical Education Tourist and the prize for 200 million won, and the total prize money is 2,56 million won.

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In addition, the E-Unions, which is operating together, produces promotional marketing content in the E-Sports University League and builds up the E-sports industry experience. In the connection, it is scheduled to assist and comment on the operations directly, and more details can be found in the University League Instagram (@esports_unileague).

On the other hand, the ‘E Sports University League’ is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and as a college e-sports league, which is hosted by the Korea E-Sports Association, and aims to establish amateur e-sports and establishment of amateur e-sports based on university e-sports activation. . Last year, the Seoul Municipal University and the University of Seoul Metropolitan University and the University of Jeonnam Science, respectively, have won the winning in the battle ground and League of Legend, and the Cultural Physical Education Tourism Minister and the Winning Trophy.

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