Tacho TrickSerei It lacks protection

Tricks on tacho are not uncommon. According to the police estimates, used used cars were turned at the tacho stand for each third-party used car. The damage for the buyers is great. Not only because they pay too much for such a manipulated vehicle. Even in retrospect, it can be expensive: since there is supposedly time, the exchange of certain wear parts does not take place in the distance recommended by the manufacturer. Which episodes that has, the ADAC describes the example of a timing belt: If he tears due to the unrecognized exceeding of the change interval, a motion damage is the result, which can then cost well and like a few thousand euros.

Legal to acquire devices

Witchwork is by no means the speedometer manipulation. The corresponding devices are as small as handy – and to acquire all legal in the trade. How easily it succeeds in craving on the mileage with your help, now confirms an investigation of the ADAC. The club sampled has gripped the club three car models – a Ford Kuga of 2019, an Opel Grandland X of 2020 and a Peugeot 208 from 2019. For each of these vehicles, the testers have come within a few minutes to doubtful success. In the case of the Ford and the Peugeot, it had suffice to tank the manipulation device to the onboard diagnostic socket, only the Opel was additionally required a fixation on the speedometer.

No random words

Random instruments are hardly any. For more than 170 more models from 2019, there are also suitable menu items in the manipulation devices, as the ADAC will be stated according to his research on the freely accessible pages of the device manufacturers.

Protection Ordinance of the EU

Although an EU regulation has been valid since 2017, after which the mileage must be systematically protected in the car. Obviously, it hapes the implementation. Therefore, the ADAC now calls for a supplement to the regulation. It should define clearly how effective the protection has to be and how he can be checked. As control instances, neutral places would be demanded, for example, the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology BSI.

Not only in used car trading Tacho manipulations are a problem. Even with leasing vehicles, you will take place – here the mileage is then falsified during use, flow into the vehicle history of the manufacturer’s workshop and thus give a lower mileage.

Workshops must fit

Because the tricks themselves can not be recognized by most workshops and car experts, used car buyers should check for repair invoices, AU and TÜV reports as well as oil change stickers, whether the displayed mileage is actually plausible.

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