Destiny 2 rebuilds old foci based on the model of Stasis Here is a first advance

Destiny 2 has great plans for newly introduced Witch Queen expansion, also with respect to ancient light approaches. Finally, these should be as modular and flexible as the stasis. Now there was a first concrete idea of ​​how the whole thing will be seen.

This is what many have desired: This change should please many players. Because with Stasis, a specially designed personalization system was introduced, and that is far ahead of the old light approaches in terms of personalization options, it offers much more freedom and options when creating individual constructions.

Therefore, many have wanted this system for ancient classes and Bungie will really fulfill this desire. In the current blog This Week at Bungie, the study has given a concrete look at the next review for the first time.

It is also important: In the course of Twab, Bungie also declared:

  • There will be no new subclass of darkness under Witch Queen or Year 5. In the year 5 you want to concentrate completely on the old light bulbs, its review and its new possibilities.
  • During the course of season 15 recently started, there will be no new aspects or fragments of stasis.

Subclasses 3.0: This is how the old Witch Queen light bulbs change

The plan shortly: With Witch Queen, the study will begin to massively review the old careless light classes based on the modular model of the new Standard System, including its own aspects and fragments.

Bungie calls the whole thing subclasses 3.0. This is how the stasis system was baptized once internally and now it is spreading to all other approaches. The vacuum approach begins with Void 3.0 in season 16, the other elements, that is, solar and arc, should follow their example in the following seasons.

With VOID 3.0 you want to mix the subclasses you know and love correctly; In principle, reinterpret them. New skills and mechanics will be added, some ancients will be left behind, will be reviewed and / or expanded to allow new great and fun combinations that may not even know what you want. The characteristic interpretation styles of this approach must be maintained, some perhaps in a slightly different way.

General information about VOID 3.0: Like the stasis, which is defined by the 3 key words slow down, freeze and break, Void 3.0 and other ancient approaches will soon be specialized in 3 of these keywords. In the case of vacuum, it is oppression, weakness and instability.

These terms should not be really new for experienced players, but now they are becoming an important part of a broader systematic framework; In principle, the basis for aligning the revised approaches. Not only do they appear in the subclass menu, but also in the advantages of weapons, in exotic armor or in modifications of the respective seasonal artifact. These are the central elements of the vacuum system:

With VOID there are 3 negative state effects that can be applied to enemies:

  • Suppression **** – All active skills are interrupted, do not be activated skills or modes of movement while suppression is active. Affected AI opponents can not shoot arms.
  • Weaken: The objective receives greater damage and its speed of movement is reduced. Affected AI opponents shoot less accurate
  • Volatile (instability) **** – The objective is infested with unstable vacuum energy and exploits when it receives additional damage or dies.

There are also 3 positive effects with which you and your allies you can try:

  • VOID OVERSHIELD: A Void Light protective barrier that reduces incoming enemy damage
  • Invisibility: you become invisible and do not appear on the enemy radar
  • Devour: You delight with the energy of your enemies. The deaths restore your health completely, grant pomegranate energy and extend the duration of devouring

First Void 3.0 Preview

Keep in mind that these are just some initial exemplary changes.

Example of Hunter Hunter Night:

  • Shadow shot – Möbius Carcaj Super
    Shoot 2 bursts of 3 empty arrows each in a cone-shaped area, seeking enemies and create empty anchors when they hit. Shadow Shot returns unstable at the enemies tied and causes a higher damage against the enemies tied

    • One of the most annoying things about the current version of the Möbius Herd is that you must press the super shot entry quite frequently to shoot each arrow individually. First, this takes a long time and, secondly, the intended goal is often not achieved. With several arrows shooting at a time, it should be much easier to trap an area in preparation for combat or for explosive damage against a boss.
  • Appearance of stylish executioner

    • Defeat a weakened enemy, repressed or unstable grants invisibility and true vision. After performing an elegant execution, your next body-to-body attack (although invisible) will weaken enemies.
    • It is a turn in the renewed profit impeccable execution. With this aspect, the Night Stalker can specialize in defeating weakened enemies and thus maintaining invisibility.

Sentinel-Titan example:

  • Appearance of Overwatch
    • Invoke a vacuum barricade to give you and your allies close a vacuum shield. This barricade also slowly regenerates the empty overhead of the allies seeking coverage behind it.
    • This is to highlight the paper of Sentinel as a protector of the first line equipment. Overwatch is exactly the right tool for this
  • SHIELD TOS – Body to Body Projectiles Attack
    • Lost your shield to an enemy. The shield can bounce both enemies and surfaces and offers you a bit of overwritten emptiness for each beaten enemy.
    • Titans should have more options in the body-to-body projectile attacks. This shield launch represents a good option to aggressively push enemy groups. So you can soften it a bit and stay in the game a little more yourself.

Example of idle wicker:

  • Pocket Singularity – Attack of Body to Body Projectiles
    • Unleash an unstable ball and vacuum energy crawling that explodes when it approaches an enemy. This sheds the objectives of the explosion site and makes them unstable.
    • It is supposed to throw the enemies out of coverage. A well placed bullet can throw the enemies through the air, so you can shoot the unstable enemies before they hit the ground again.
  • Son of the ancient gods – appearance
    • Lift your crack to invoke a black hole that thinks of yourself that floats by your side, waiting for a goal. It will be pounced on the enemies and then will begin to absorb energy from them and weaken them. Depending on the type of crack, its extracted vital force provides you with pomegranate and body (strengthening crack) or health (cure crack). If you defeat enemies that this aspect absorbs energy, you will recover some breaking energy.
    • Child of The Old Gods is a powerful tool of detriment that gives inactive runners another way to control an area while maintaining in the process.

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