Big Baston General In Midnight Fight Express

Developed by the only Jacob Dzwinel with the help of Humble Games, Midnight Fight Express now aims for an output in the summer of 2022 on PS4, Xbox One, SWITCH, and PC. A new trailer has been broadcast as part of Gamescom 2021.

This concentrate of tote violence will offer us to cross the city by banning absolutely everything that breathes with its fists, feet but also blades, bars and firearms more or less destructive.

The system includes weak, strong attacks, parades, counters, projections, dods or particularly brutal finishes. In the way of a Sleeping Dogs , the player can shatter his enemies using the environment contextually, being simply close to the place in question.

The animations of the game use the motion capture and we can customize his dress style as much as his style of combat. MIDNIGHT FIGHT EXPRESS will take place on more than 40 levels and encourage the conquest of online rankings. Recall that as all humble games games now, this title will be available in the Xbox Game Pass subscription the day of its release.


MIDNIGHT FIGHT EXPRESS – Trailer Gamescom 2021

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