Portal Fight FPS Splitgate Season 0 Delivery started with more than 10 million dls

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1047 Games announced the delivery start of the Season 0 of Warp Portal Fight FPS Splitgate .

This work started a beta test for PC in May 2019, and in July 2021, cross-play compatible (including the console generation) for the PS4 / Xbox ONE FPS. The number of players increased due to cross-play support, and the formal release, which was originally at the end of July, was fully postponed to August.

In the season 0 announced this time, the new map Karman Station and the season 0 battle path to be replaced by the beta version map OUTPOST, the new game mode ComTamination has been implemented. Besides, the playlist Casual Team Rumble that records many game modes that can not be considered in normal casual mode.

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In addition, many changes have been made in the play experience and system aspects, such as final kill camera implementation and Aim assisted scale change functions, and adding ELO divisions to the rank.

PLAYSTATON.BLOG (English) is a 1047 GAMES CEO CEO’s comments, and Season 0 experiences the same content as a formal release originally released, but by the rapid increase of players Currently, the original plan has been completely changed, is still calling a beta version.

Splitgate beta is underwepply for free for Xbox One / Windows / Linux (STeam) and overseas PS4.

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