Gamescom 2021 The Brutal Midnight Fight Express puts roostes in video

Presented late 2020 for the first time, Midnight Fight Express remembered our good memory very remarkable with a trailer that, we can say, go to the essential . Understand that this beat them all isometric view edited by humble games – and that will land Day One on the Game Pass \ – did not do in useless blabla.

the midnight horror

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Of the Baston, Gunfights, objects thrown with wins, bones that burst, a strand of exaggeration and masks hotline Miami, that’s what we showed the new video introduced with a lot of enthusiasm by the KEIGHLEY Sieur. The cleanliness of the animations and their variety imposes the respect, the very oppressive and barred atmosphere certainly gives desire to get shirtless and will take pleasure in Hui …

In short, we understand why the good Geoff was packed and admiring because it involves the work of a single Polish developer, Jacob Dzwinel . But when and where has this game in development for nearly 4 years? MIDNIGHT FIGHT EXPRESS is expected for 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. **

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