Marvel Future Revolution Hero Tier List Beste Startcharaktere

Marvel Future Revolution is now available on mobile devices and we have created a ranking for every hero to help players when choosing their startup character. Future Revolution contains to start 8 playable heroes, each with its own unique game style and skills. Other Marvel Favorites such as Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Nick Fury occur in history, but are unfortunately not playable. Nevertheless, the list of the game is incredibly diverse and there is no really bad characters. You should choose your favorite, but if you can not decide, we are there for you. All 8 Marvel Future Revolution characters are listed here.

Best Marvel Future Revolution Heroes

Level | Hero
— |-
S-Level | Captain America, Iron Man
A level | Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange
B-level | Star-lord
C-stage | Storm, black widow

S-Level – Captain America

Captain America is one of the most popular Avengers, so it makes sense that he is one of the best characters in Marvel Future Revolution. Steve Rogers has an incredibly rounded kit with skills for every situation. Some characters may surpass him in a sense, but Captain America is a solid character that does not have many weaknesses. Sure, some of the ranged characters like Iron Man and Star Lord may have it easier to avoid damage, but this sign not only serves the show. The star Spangled Man with plan earns his S-animal place with ease.

S-Level – Iron Man

The only other Avenger who can compete with popularity with Captain America is Iron Man, and it is not surprising that he is at the top of the list next to him. Iron Man deserves his S-animal placement due to his powerful skills and its general ease of use. His control difficulty in the game is just a star, and there is a good reason for that. Tony strong is incredibly easy to play and has a very uncomplicated game style. All his skills hit hard and his suit gives him a bonus on mobility. If you want to do a lot of damage, select Iron Man as the main thing.

A Level – Spider-Man

Who does not loves Spider-you? Anyone’s most popular friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is one of the best characters in the game. He may not serve as much harm as Iron Man or absorb as much harm as Captain America, but Spideys skills offer an amazing benefit for solo and group content. With a four-star control difficulty he is a little harder to play than the rest of the squad. Nevertheless, the web head has a spectacular kit that helps you to turn off waves of enemies in the PVE or annoy enemies in the PVP.

A Level – Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is already one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, thanks to its devastating forces, and Carol Danvers has just as much strike as she would expect it in Future Revolution. She has the highest damage emissions of all heroes in the game, so you should definitely choose them as your star lodges if you want to burn out groups of enemies quickly. She is probably the best offensive character in the game.

A Level – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has a variety of spells and magical skills. The Kit of the Sorcerner Supreme focuses on supporting other players, which Strange is currently the only dedicated support character of the game. However, this does not mean that he can not share damage as the other damage. The spells of Doctor Strange will perform all enemies quickly, but they should interfere with his support capabilities to play it effectively. If the slowing down of enemies and applying debuffs sounds after their speed, then Doctor Strange is the right hero for you.

B-level – Star Lord

Star Lord is presented in the Guardians of the Galaxy films and comics as acrobatic, creative and imaginative fighters, which is why his incarnation of Marvel Future Revolution is a bit disappointing. Star Lord is a solid character, but he is in no way really outstanding. Thanks to his blaster, which enable him to shoot from afar, he has a lead over the melee heroes, but his skills do not really stand out. He can do properly harm, and you could definitely choose a worse hero, but Peter Quill is not so exciting in this game.

B-level – storm

Storm is the only X-Men representative on the list of Marvel Future Revolution, but the skills of this mutant could use some work. Storm should be much more powerful than it is currently in its current state. It is equipped with several surface attacks that are excellent to eliminate waves of enemies in PVE content, but they do not feel that they do enough damage. It is a shame that the only X-Men character is so far below on the list, but hopefully NetMarb will throw a few buffs in a future update.

C-Level – Black widow

Black Widow is not necessarily a weak character. In fact, she can be great in the right hands. However, she has a 5-star control difficulty, which is currently making the most difficult figure throughout the game. That would be in Order if their abilities would be worth it, but even if they are played efficiently, Black Widow’s equipment does not feel overwhelming. Some players will probably find powerful builds in the future, but as it looks now, Natasha Romanoff is simply not going to play in comparison to the rest of the occupation.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available on mobile devices.

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