Marvel Future Revolution demo special effects belongs new Mourneva clothing card matching

Marvel Gamings is the posting brand name for video clip Futures based upon Marvel buildings, and is the computer Future department of Marvel Amusement. Prior to the unification of Marvel Gamings, computer Future based on Marvel residential or commercial properties launched in between 1982 and also 1985 were taken care of by Marvel Comic books Team, with Marvel video clip Futures from 1986 to 1998 being dealt with by Marvel Amusement Group, whilst computer Future based upon Marvel buildings prior to the consolidation of Marvel Gamings were handled straight by Marvel Enterprises.

After the Marvel Future War, the stone stone once again joined the entertainment, launched a new open world of the 3A level picture Action RPG Marvel Future Revolution, the Future corner acquisition media demo Opportunity, let’s see the Future Revolution.

Before reviewing you, review the Future Revolution background architecture, the whole worldview is built in a new major earth New Steak City, Nine Snake, Qaida Earth Multiple regions. Players will serve as the Omega Flight Team, to resist the attack from the super counter, defend the main earth. The protagonist has a total of 8 steel people, Iron Man, American Captain, Singular Dr., Black Widow, Surprise Captain, Storm Women and Parke 8 characters select.

First, enter the Future, it is the opening of the plot, the hero will appear, and the animation movie is plus the actual battle to make players familiar with the operation. The character shape is different from the mass of the MP moving, but the characters in all roles of the voice are still very distinct, and the Parus is hanging, the spider people are slightly rough but obviously or a neighbor boy is adjacent.

In terms of operation, the left virtual rocker moves, the right skill key attack, but the button is configured, there is a lot of complications, there is a basic generic attack of the standard, and there are 5 small tricks skill fields and the small tricks. Skills each role total 8 In this kind, each type will unlock other skill characteristics according to the character level, and the attack factor will change with the action of the characteristics.

In addition to the general offensive keys, also add to the dodge, hop key. There are 3 energy buckles, which will automatically reply over time. After use, it will get a short invincible state. As for the continuous use of the jump according to the hero to derive other jump action, the spider from the author will spider spider silk in the air.

The overall body has no way to quickly disclose the skill, even the segment is relatively small, but the gorgeous is enough, like the spider people call the electricity effect, which is full of the entire picture, thinking that there is also a skill change in watching fireworks, with more complex button configuration, actually The operating space increases more flexibility.

In addition, this work also provides a perspective adjustment option, there are 1, 2, 3 lens to switch the vertical perspective, convenient for players to adjust the desired field of view, where the lens 1 launching skill will fix the matching action close-up, combined with the skill special effect picture Shrimp 趴. After selecting the perspective lens, if you want to move the picture directly, you can also lock the homework that locks the enemy. Don’t worry if you do not fight or use the role to play some irrelevant enemies.

In the event of the operation, the Future Revolution Future is like most RPGs, the main line task is broken, and the task content naturally can’t be related to the world’s view of the Future. In addition to the main line, the branch line can certainly have less, rewards the experience of the basic funds with gold coins, and some of the battle badges, blood package and other other war must be obtained.

Occasionally the main line with the branch line, occasionally there will be a trigger event. Running the task is approximately manipulating, and there is a common lazy placement function, as long as the Automatic Fight is turned on during the process, you can automatically explain the task.

The target outside the task is undoubtedly enhancing combat power, not only beneficial to push the main line, then challenge the lightning battle of the copy type, combat challenge will also have combat requirements, other such as crux war, dark black penalty area and other thresholds High mode, pile of high combat power can be saved. The most basic can be reached with the level of level, or by promoting the skill level, the equipment title, wearing badges, improve the overall team fighting, and strengthen clothing. If you encounter bottlenecks in the later period, the Future will have a guide to prompt players to make up direction.

It is said that the combination of the team is strengthened, and Stark Blueprint, Poly-Glyph Crystal Particles, Poly Grain Particles, etc., the material consumption will not run, try to play, stabilize the task material is not difficult, the map will also An interactive objects allow players to collect basic material.

As for the weight of this, the Future Revolution inheritance uniforms and cards are two equivalent systems, with clothing and Omega Card, meet with the player.

Clothing is equipped with a function of equipping. Equipment functional parts, the same point, body, hand, and foot 4 parts, this work is available in the four clothing parts of the same series to get the suit effect. As for the outer wear, in addition to the appearance of the cool, there is also a star, etc. class that determines the quality of the clothing, and must enter the stairs with the same grade clothing.

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It is more particular that the clothing provides customized options, allowing players to use the costumes that hold the clothing in the case of costumes.

The costumes have a lot of pipelines, main lines, event logs, and anti-documentary, etc. have the opportunity to get 1 to 3 stars, and you can slow down the stars through these methods. However, each liter, there is a need for other 5 compared to stars such as stars as a material, so it is necessary to use this means of native steel making of the clothing class farming to put a considerable amount of time. If you don’t want to come slowly, according to some material, players can make clothes themselves, especially if they want to get more rare clothing, the fastest way is basically difficult to escape.

The card is not such a complex, simple class, quality, the class determines the number of card additional effects, the quality affects the value of each effect. Unilaterally pick a stick value, you can also collect the card set set to unlock the extra capability value.

It is foreseen that will soon start a card, and after all, the smoothness of skills is very cool, can you high in the value of Reduce Cooling Time, naturally affect the efficiency of the strange, not to mention PVP Gu, the adjustment of some micro card combinations in the later Future, the value drop or less will affect the Future performance, so the situation of the agricultural card is absolutely difficult to avoid.

In addition, the Future Revolution also has alliance systems, including fixed sign-in mechanisms, alliance tasks, and alliance stores. As for PVP, in terms of multiplayer cooperation, since it is not easy to match the player in the trial stage, it is not ink.

The whole trial, the new world view, character shape, role exterior, action effect, absolutely still able to make some of the Mourning fans satisfied. Although the combat power stack takes a lot of time, heart, but don’t have a brain straight, and occasionally slow down the handsome hero is also very good. There is also a very intimate small design. When entering the Future, there will be a horizontal flight shooting Future to let the player kill the time, the retro style plus the old style Future, and the rightener of the big Future is very.

It is a little shortcomings to mention that the location trigger of the main line task is determined that there is a drop in position marked on the map. It takes time to get around to find the moment of the truly turned task, it is easy to make people mistaken. However, this is still worth a try.

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