Marble Future Revolution Korea Take off at 5 pm

Netmarble launches 5:00 pm MABAL IP first mobile open-world action RPG Marble Future Revolution to Global 240s.

Marble Future Revolution is a 19-year-old Title of Netmarble and Marvel, with a total of 160 million people around the world, and a Mabor Futa Fight Developer Net Marble Monster.

Based on the ‘Convergence’ phenomenon gathered by the Earth of Multiple Universe, it contains the story that is spreading in various regions of New Stark City, Hydra Empire, Sakar, and others.

Users can be a newly formed Omega Flight member to foster superheroes such as Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star Road, Storm, etc..

Netmarble is commemorating the global launch of Marble Future Revolution Global Daily attendance to the game daily attends the 4-star Costume box and the attendance of Rocket Raccoon, which can acquire 500, 3 Castle Omega card boxes, and the same.

Marvel Future Revolution (Android/iOS) First Gameplay - Open World Action RPG
Also, the free payment of the new personnel, the Welcome Kit, modified two weeks, modify the 2 weeks, and the distribution box, etc., and the Nick Fourier’s secret mission, squad rank-up event, Costume, Costume, Omega Card, Core presents, including gold. In addition, we will be released on the first-come-first-served basis at the SC Best Bank to collaborate with the Iron Man check card.

Meanwhile, Marble Future Revolution has launched a dictionary download from 24th, and Korea Standards on August 25, 12 o’clock (noon). USA, Japan, and Japan achieved the free game sector in the Apple App Store, the Apple App Store.

Detailed information can be found on Marble Future Revolution Official Homepage.

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