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Netmarble released the Marvel Future Revolution OST album that was released on the 25th. Sporty, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc. can be heard on major music platforms.

MARVEL GAMES and NETMABLAMAL MABLE FUNVER RECVEL REFER MABAL FUNVER REVEL REFER MAVEL MABER GAMES (The Convergence), Captain America Theme, ‘Legendary Hero’, Spider Man Theme ‘ A total of 42 songs including Amazing Friend ‘.

Marvel Games Danny Koo Director said, This album is a work that a variety of members participated in the theme of the fusion of Rock, Orchestra, the revolution of the orchestra, and the future of the game. I would like to ask for an orchestra performance for Marble fans.

The Netmabble Monster Sound Team Kang Jae Wook said, It was a meaningful project that extends the possibility of game music genres with talent in Marble Games Music, he said.

Eternal Eclipse - Revolution (Official Music Video)

In addition, Netmarble is a 26th day of the 26-day game Orchestra, and the ‘Marble Future Revolution: World Orchestra’ streaming in Shota Nakama, which is a game orchestra (Shota Nakama), which is a famous composer.

The Marble Future Revolution, which is launched in the 2002, 240, is the second collaboration title of Netmarble and Marvel, and the MB Future Fight Developer Netmabble Monster, which has been enjoying 120 million in the world.

Netmarble proceeds prior reservations before marketing Marble Future Revolution and presents a pre-registered costume box that can be used after release to all participants.

For more information, see Marble Future Revolution Official Homepage.

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