Glasner s conversion to four chain changes Kostics roll

Under Adi Hütter, Kostic experienced the strongest time of his career. On the 4th matchday of the 2018/19 season, the Frankfurt ex-coach used the Serbian national player in the home game against Leipzig (1: 1) for the first time on the left in 3-5-2. It was a bold step, as Kostic clearly has his strengths in the offensive game, but from now on his side, but also had to be defensively licking. Thanks to its extraordinary physique, its sprinter qualities, its mentality and the precision of the flanks, he rose to one of the best Bundesliga players on this position. Last season, he prepared 17 results, he achieved four goals himself. And that, although he was in the first round for a knee injury. With his 14 records in the second half, he even presented a Bundesliga record. Since the Adi the assists recorded (1988/89), there was no player yet to set up as many goals in just one series.

Something: For Filip is the unfamiliar

The defensive balance but not always succeeds, sometimes opened dangerous spaces in Kostics. Some opponents utilized the clever. The better defensive protection on the outer tracks is one of several reasons why Glasner moved against Augsburg on four-chain. We wanted to fully bring Kostics’s offensive strength into play, and that he has to think of less thoughts. That speaks for a four-chain, says the coach. Assistant Djibril explains: For Filip is the unfamiliar, because he played three years almost only left on the line, now he must be variable: sometimes in the middle come, sometimes in the depth, sometimes over the outside. That should help that we will be inaccessible in the attack. Against the FCA, Kostic often moved towards the center and made the line for left-back Christopher Lenz.

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Whether he can play out his dynamics and pace so well when he moves inside, instead of coming out of the depth and to flit the line, remains to be seen. Silently doubts are at least installed because there are usually fewer rooms for Kostics infamous sprints in the middle. We want to introduce his offensive quality in our game best possible and defensive still stable, emphasizes Glasner. He hopes that Kostic even a little bit more comes in closing positions. As an example, he leads a situation from the 89th minute: In my view, this was a huge chance. Ragnar Ache sat down great, playing the ball in the back room, but Filip was behind the defender. I would wish that He anticipates these balls and is a step in front of the defender. The upcoming games will show if the plan of the trainer is committed. It is clear: The team depends on the fact that Kostic can play his strengths in the best possible way.

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