The 8 most NERD Universities of Elite in the United States

Have you ever thought that universities are more nerd who are on top of any ranking? If so, you were wrong! With a large number of educational institutions in the US. UU., It is difficult to pinpoint several distinctive and demanding schools. One thing that determines the level of nerd of a particular college is the amount of allowances allocated. The more tasks performed by the students, most can be considered college. However, assignments, projects and presentations assigned are not the only criterion. Thanks to some knowledge of one of the best and cheaper services writing college essays, we have prepared the list of the eight universities nerd elite and our vast country.

Eligibility Criteria

Before delving into this list, it would be reasonable to provide our methodology because not see MIT, Harvard or Yale here. Undoubtedly, they are among the pioneers academic institutions that provide high quality education and boost the economy. But we have relied on a specific score that evaluates universities based on several parameters. We consider the retention of freshmen, graduation rate, the percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students, the percentage of classes with more than 50 students and the percentage of donations from alumni. The total score is 500.

The lack of the mentioned universities does not mean that the following universities are insufficient. They are all elite and relate to one or another league (Public Ivies, Magnolia League, Catholic Ivies, Hidden Ivies and, of course, Ivy League). With all that said, let’s continue.

American universities more nerd in you’ll want to enter

8) Princeton University

Amassing 409 points, Princeton University initiated this list and the institution becomes more nerd of EE. UU. Princeton belongs to the Ivy League, and is among the most prestigious universities in the world. Princeton University was founded in 1746 in New Jersey. The walls of the university have met many influential people. The Princeton University recalls the US even before the revolution! In addition, Princeton appears in numerous rankings as the most beautiful campus, the best architecture schools, the best engineering schools, occupying the top positions.

7) Williams College

Williams College is breathing down the neck of Princeton, gaining 408 points. It is a private liberal arts college located in Massachusetts. Williams College is a little younger than Princeton; It was founded in 1793. And for the next 200 years, remained a college for men. It focuses on many disciplines, has more than 20 departments and offers more than 30 specializations.

6) University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has not let Williams College and Princeton University go too far. Gaining nearly 405 points, firmly it ranked third in universities more nerd. The University of Chicago is a private research institution founded by the American Baptist Education Society. With the help of philanthropists and magnates, the University was born one hundred years after Williams College. However, this has not prevented the University of Chicago reach high levels in the research world and become one of the best financial institutions in the world.

5) University of Haverford

Although Haverford has not accumulated 400 points, it remains one of the elite schools nerd. Best of Haverford College is its location between Washington and New York, and secluded area, compared with first-rate teaching staff, makes an excellent institution Haverford College. Other than that, Haverford organizes the Centennial Conference that brings together the best universities in the states of the Middle Atlantic and exchange experiences under one roof.

4) Columbia University

Columbia University is another member of the Ivy League. It is widely known for its journalism program. A lot of students strives to enter Columbia University to study journalism and acquire the necessary skills. In addition to this specialization, the University offers a dozen other programs that have solid plans study. Columbia Libraries are amazing and never say I could not find a relevant source. In addition, the University is located in the city of New York, which is another nice perk for those who love life in the big city.

3) University of Amherst

Amherst College is part of Little Ivy League and Hidden Ivy of Greene’s Guide. It is not a great university. But under no circumstances you must question your nerd character based on this fact. Amherst College almost exceeds Columbia University in terms of points, which is a serious indicator that College is highly competitive. He will not be sorry for his students for the fact of become popular throughout the country.

2) University of Washington and Lee

Washington and Lee University is a private school of liberal arts. It is located in Virginia, surrounded by a beautiful nature and picturesque views. Maybe that’s why he tends to be among the most nerd institutions, who knows. However, you get many points (389), which allows you to stay on the list and continue torture students (word game).

1) University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is the third member of the IVY League and closes the list of Nerds universities. But you do not dare to think that the university is not hard enough. How about that: Wharton School is one of the best business schools in the world. When it comes to education and business courses, it easily exceeds any superior university. Last but not least, your medicine school is the five best school in the US. UU

As you can see, the more nerd does not instantly mean Stanford, Yale and Mit. There are much more nerd schools than those mentioned. This list of eight elite and nerds universities is just a drop in the ocean. However, it shows that smaller and less differentiated institutions may be more nerd and more effective in terms of education, student retention, graduation rate, etc.

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