Brendan Fraser neglects his responsibilities for playing switch

Scott Lawrence (birthed September 27, 1963) is an American actor best recognized for his function as Cmdr. Sturgis Turner on the CBS series JAG. Lawrence played the function from 2001 up until 2005, when the collection finished.

Let’s be honest: The vast majority of us have neglected our responsibilities for being playing on more than one occasion. This kind of thing are common among the gamers, not so much between celebrities, but interestingly that was just what happened to the actor Brendan Fraser. Fraser I had to attend a meet & great online with the fans of him, but the actor was so busy playing with the Nintendo Switch of him, that he forgot that he had already begun. Here you can see exactly how this happened: Scott Lawrence, YouTube user and responsible for sharing this video, explained that the meeting had been organized through GalaxyCon , where fans can talk privately with these celebrities. At the beginning Fraser I had not realized that he had already started the video, and even when he saw it, it is seen that he still wanted to continue playing. Via: ** Nintendo Life

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