The free extension War for Wakanda is now available for Marvel s Avengers

The War for Wakanda extension is the biggest and the best update we’ve ever made _ _ – that’s what Scot Amos, co-manager of the studio at Crystal Dynamics, had to say about the Last free extension of Marvel’s Avengers. Teaser in a War Table video On 16 this month, this extension offers a ton of new content to explore for players.

The WAR for Wakanda extension promises a continuous experience of the main game history – it includes new missions, new faces and new places to explore – ranging from temples adorned to the wild African jungle. It also adds a new playable character, the Black Panther himself. Designers have focused on giving life to its aggressive combat style and predator – with the help of flexible melee options and start-up daggers, the Black Panther is sure to be a worthy addict to experience of any player.

The story here does not look like you know about comics. This is a brand new story, written alongside the talented Evan Narciss, who wrote the stories of Rise of the Black Panther for Marvel comics. The team focused on creating a true story to the Wakanda Nation and Afro-Futurism it represents – and for this purpose, they seem very satisfied with their results.

The extension goes hand in hand with the actors chosen to play the characters you know and like. Christopher Judge, who played several characters from World of Warcraft and expressed Kratos in the last GOD of War game, itself assumes the role of Black Panther. Steve Blum, who has already played a role in several Marvel and Star Wars projects, embodies War for Wakanda’s leading antagonist: Ulysses Klaue. Beth McGuire, the dialogue coach for the recent Black Panther film, has also worked closely with the cast to ensure that the character’s accents are as faithful as possible to the Wakandan spirit.

It is clear that this extension is full of new content, and now that it is available for all the players of Marvel’s Avengers, you can see by yourself how all this happened.

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