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The anticipated survival adventure of Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded, took a phenomenal departure. The fans look forward to getting your hand on the game and exploring the backyard in their narrowed bodies. Although Grounded is still in advance access, the development team will publish monthly updates for the game. These updates offer new content that players can explore and consist of additional insects and craft recipes That players can learn as they progress in the game.

Currently, the new main features are not listed in the update notes. Obsidian plans to publish them later in the day after the update for all players. We will update this section when they announce it officially. Here is what we have right now.


_Anounce later in the day! _

Changes / Setting


  • Improved damage on the Spider Fang Dagger so that he is at the upper end of level 2 weapons.
  • Significant improvement of damage on spike traps.
  • Spiders have learned a new series of attacks among which to choose instead of simply their basic bite.
  • Added a brief forced time between block start events, preventing the player from blocking perfectly by crushing the lock button.
  • Slightly reduced the damage bonus given by the eye cache.
  • Adjusting the poison process of the larvae for consistent.
  • Reduce stunning rates of two-handed weapons.
  • Lightly reduces the amount of damage inflicted by the mint to match the progression of levels.
  • Level 2 insects now have a recharge time after being stunned before being stunned again.
  • Perfect blockage no longer reduces the durability of armor.


  • Update icons of the Raw Science user interface to be more consistent in the game.
  • Adding a shortcut to deposit items in the inventory screen (Drop Stack is in the context menu).
  • Added the Remove / Receive Battery button on the storage user interfaces.
  • Shift + click on items of items in the storage user interfaces will transfer the complete battery you clicked.
  • Drag a stack of objects on the paper doll on the inventory screen will drop the stack of objects in the world.
  • Make an object with a complete inventory will now indicate that the object has been abandoned in the world.
  • The flag storage and marker icons have been revised, grouped together and their colors have changed (requires a single court tour to replace everything / the new track markers will be empty default).
  • Light revisions of some schemas of SCA.B flavors.
  • Canteen slurps available are displayed in the HUD element of the equipped item
  • Additional icons art
  • Adding a highlight effect that appears on interactive objects when the player looks at them. This function is controlled by the accessibility parameter highlight objects.


  • Revision of the provision and lighting of the cave of clover and moving the entry slightly.
  • Revised development of the flooded area in the southeastern corner of the Court.
  • Electrical outlet of the home updated with final art and non-blocking
  • The objects left in the world (not in a container, etc.) for 48 to 72 hours of play will eventually disappear once out of reach of all players. The elements loaded from a saved portion from version 0.1.x will have all objects of objects beginning to zero to give players a chance to react to this change.
  • Players and creatures now create ripples in the water while moving.
  • Children start throwing archer cookies over the fence with their Billy Hogs and their apples.
  • Adding a few fingerprints throughout the courtyard.


  • Basic buildings will now be anchored more reliably when constructed about objects such as baseball
  • Palissades no longer collapse when an adjoining building is removed.
  • Water containers can collect droplets that fall.
  • The player can now drink in water containers while holding weapons.
  • Stairs can now be recessed in the soil like scaffolding and ramps.
  • The walls that are sandwich above by two floors will see their slots deleted.
  • The camera will slide in the correct position when interacting with a weapon wall mount.
  • Changing the position of the weapon wall mount for it to be more centered.


  • Best performance in full window windows in the Windows versions of the game.
  • Best performance of GPU UI / Inventory.
  • Significant improvement of loading play time for games with large bases.
  • Best performance of GPU during the night.


  • The activation parameter of the voice chat is now correctly reapplied when entering a part.
  • SCA.B flavor collection objects now have pulsed light and are slightly larger to make them more visible.
  • Hedge berries now float in the water.
  • Prevent a very large number of ants to be assigned the same task, like killing a weevil.
  • Reduction of the camera plan near the clip plan, setting the camera clip into the drive when using a high field of view.
  • Refined spear movement and sighting animations for the 1st person.
  • You should now see the grass extend to the extremes furthest away from the court.
  • Ants are finding and storing lost glacial caps.
  • Fourries soldiers can now properly drop ant heads as a booty.
  • Tall woody herbs are now displayed under the name Husky Weed. The dandelions and weed weeds always provide weed stems. Husky grass reappears now.
  • The ants will not be happy if you take their eggs.
  • The Resource Analyzer now comes alive during the analysis.
  • Some new smoothies can be prepared at the Smoothie Station.

BUG FIX – All Platforms

Main problems of the community

  • Unable players are now recorded instead of being ignored when a backup portion is performed or when they leave the game. With that, players who recharge an unfit character will see their backpack appear where they died instead of seeing them appear without their inventory in the world. Nonetroactive
  • Objects and insects will appear less in the world. Clean objects / insects that have fallen through the level when charging. (This should help with the insect population / egg spawning)
  • Insects should no longer reproduce inside the big rocks of the pond. Any insect currently in the rocks when charging must be eliminated. (This should help with the insect population / egg spawning)
  • Grass boards will not fall through the ground.
  • Correction of hedge berries appearing in incorrect positions for customers, which made them very difficult to harvest.
  • Correction of the sound effects of the torch.
  • Insects should no longer cross the walls when they do not look at them or when they are at your remote base.
  • Correction of giant arrows sometimes appearing when they were slaughtered on a large insect.


  • Multiplayer customers will no longer plant when removing droplets containing objects.


  • Optimization of the collapse of the building so that the game no longer locks during the collapse of enormous structures.
  • The game will no longer plant during the collapse of very long structures.
  • Correction of problems where the walls could be constructed between a wall attachment point that spoiled your wall grid
  • Machiencies will now need a little more Delta-V than a Bounce Web can not provide if they want to go into space.
  • Fixed a problem where insects did not become sufficiently hungry and sleepy after players’ sleep.

Objects / Equipment / Resources

  • The autonomous buildings attached to the walls and floors will also collapse if the soil or the wall on which they are collapsing.
  • Large Rake Rock now has a correct collision.
  • Gaseous drinks can now be thrown away from a canteen.
  • Correction of water droplets near the sprinkler and oak that immediately reappeared at your approach.
  • Correction of gas arrows not for single use.
  • Rotten bee armor can not be repaired free of charge.
  • Workbench light will not be deactivated after loading a backup.


  • Correction of wall slots appearing incoherently on customers and host.
  • Correction of wall slots incorrectly appearing after loading a saved portion.
  • Correction of the fingers moving on the hand of the weapon during movement animations with one hand.
  • 3rd person body restructured for naked hands.
  • Unfinished buildings no longer block the camera in the third person.
  • Change armor After collecting crude science no longer displays the material from the previously equipped armor.
  • Fixed a problem with the view of empty without fog in the world after having emerged from a large extent of water.
  • The animation and camera of the puddles of water have been improved to solve clipping problems.


  • Correction of the SCA.B Bugged schema does not appear correctly in the list.
  • The rest user interface updates correctly at bedtime.
  • SCA.B will not flash the danger of thirst and hunger if the levels are good.
  • The Defragment button in the inventory can now be traveled with the game joystick.
  • Less explosive results when using the Drop Stack action.
  • Correction of the description of Clover Hood and Poncho being the same as that of the leggings.

bug fixes – Windows 10 Store version

  • Correction of problems with 4K full-screen resolution that did not work properly.
  • Correction of problems with Alt-Tab planting the game.

Bug Fix – Xbox One Version

  • Reduced screen edge artifacts / blinking.

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