NBA 2K Mobile teases new topic for the next card set – legend Ray – Video Peeling news instructions exemplary procedures reviews and cultu

NBA 2K Mobile adds another topic to its collection, although it is not clear when it is released. An image of NBA legend Ray Allen was shared as Tease on Twitter.

Since it is almost St. Patrick’s Day, it is very likely that it is a card set dedicated to Boston Celtics. After all, the legendary Celtics with shamrock are covered. If this is the case, you can probably see some great cards. Since everyone was teased, it is possible that we also see Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, with which all teammates were when they won the NBA championship 2008.

It is also possible for you to see legends of past times like Bill Russell, who is probably the largest chest of all time. Larry Bird could also be included in the set, but this is only speculation.

Another possible topic is a set with the best three-point shooters of the story. This is because everyone is considered common as the second best shooter who has ever played the game, only behind the current superstar Stephen Curry.

That would be pretty cool, if so, since it has given many excellent three-point shooters over the years. If you think of the great shooters of then, think of the above bird, Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller.

At the beginning of the mid-2000s, they had players like Paja Stojakovic, a younger all, and Steve Nash in the mix. And of course, people like Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver and Buddy Hield complete this group.

I tend to be a Celtics package, but everything is possible. Only the time will show it, I think.

NBA 2K Mobile is available for free on Google Play and the AppStore.

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