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Yesterday, on August 26, 2K unveiled details on the new upcoming and highly anticipated match of the NBA 2K20 MyTeam. And this reaches us in the form of a blog article in the developer’s diary, accompanied by a new trailer published on the same day. At first glance, it seems that 2K also brings a wide range of new and old features, with of course a fully improved gaming experience …

With the daily goals, the triple threat, the upgrade of cards, limited time events, prices of all kinds and a more complete user experience in general, the next NBA 2K20: The Simulation of Basket MyTeam will meet standards. more stringent from the community. The main producer of the game, Erick Boenisch, examined in detail the achievements of the development team so far. Now, Mr. Eric immediately established a comparison with the MyTeam mode of NBA 2K19 and explained that it was a considerable step forward in all the improvements compared to version 2K18. And, now, the improvements made to this title 2K20 are even larger and broader, says Boeisch.

NBA 2K20 Release date set for September 6, 2019!

All features and improvements have been designed based on community reactions itself to developers. In addition, with regard to the evolution of the card, Mr. Eric says it’s a game modifier, that’s for sure. These are special maps that will now include the progress and leveling of the player, with a gem color layer indicating the player’s level of progression. Previously, once a player withdrew a card, the job was over and there was almost nothing left to do. But now, the proposed evolution cards will allow the user to place the NBA player in question and strengthen his attributes.

Free EVO card to connect

In addition, previous titles have added a high-end player at first, but the player would disappear after some introductory parts. From now on, each new user will receive a free EVO card with a choice between:

  • Derrick Rose
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Vince Carter
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Hakeem Olajuwon

As mentioned, this attributed EVO card is permanent and will remain with the user indefinitely. In addition, many other juicy cards are waiting for collectors, the 750 collector cards reward being for example an Evolution Isaiah Thomas card. It starts like amethyst and evolves towards Diamond, Pink Diamond and finally Galaxy Opal. The cherry on the cake, as Mr. Eric said, is to look at your players evolve and really feel that your matching strategy changes and improves according to the system of evolution of players.

2K20 NBA: MyTeam also has many other features, such as Triple Threat and Triple Threat Online, daily login prices and price wheel. There will also be a feature called today in my team, with limited-life events and various rewards in the form of tokens or others. In addition, there will be Ball Drop Madness and the brand new price Ball Drop, a new community junction, tips and tricks presented in the game, rankings and even the function ask a developer.

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