13 disappointing boss fights from 2019

Despite the hype, these bosses did not challenge great challenges.

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Archangel ELI – the wave 2

A complicated struggle that is not particularly impressive because it is possible to attack him without a break. Do not make a mistake – if you have enough armor, you can continue to complain on archangel ELI and accumulate enough charges over time to heal the damage caused. Is he cool? Sure, but as the ultimate boss fight around The Surge 2, he is a bit weak.

Bounty Hunter – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order

After a point in Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order meet you on random bounty hunters who want to carry you for a reward. Basically, it’s a cool idea, but the bounty hunters themselves do not really confuse things. After a while they feel like they fight the same 2 to 3 types of hunters. Of course it is also funny how to deal with some of them by pushing them from cliffs (but which enemies can not be in size?).

Eternatus – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Boss fighting in Pokémon games are usually the gym leaders, fighting with their rivals, the Elite Four, the Pokémon Champion or the legendary reservations. Example: Without the master ball Mewwo in Pokémon red and blue could be pretty hard, even if they had the same level. With this measuring rod ETERNATUS is not a kind … not. The fight is part of the narrative and you will still catch him. It significantly reduces the tension and the general risk of battle, but Hey, Free Legendary. That’s something we accept.

Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat 11

In former games, Shao Kahn was the great villain and turned hard to take. He is not the main opponent of Mortal Kombat 11 and more, which is concerned with the nostalgia value, but it is still disappointing to see him disposed of so fast. While Kitana defeated him and the queen of the outside world, this, on the other hand, felt very rushed, especially since it lasted.

HK Tank – termination resistance

The entire conspiracy of Terminator Resistance attacks Skynets Kern and finishes the war (together with the protagonist Jacob, which goes back in time to protect themselves). When you arrive at Skynet Time Displacement, in the place where the termators are sent to the past, their boss … is a HK tank. Sure that there is still a few other terminators except a HK tank? To protect a device that interpreters time travel? It’s not even a fight, which is why you ask yourself why skynet has taken care of it.

Lothar – Wolfenstein: Jungblut

Lothar has a jetpack and hovers in the arena and sucks balls. Lothar also summons sheds that also record balls. That’s it. That’s the last boss fight. At all the annoyances, the Wolfenstein: Youngblood until that time offered, at least one would have expected that a funny boss rounded everything right away. But no. Entertaining fact: At the start, dying in Bosskampfen would not fully refill ammunition, and in the last boss fight, you could not just leave the mission to grind and level. So it was live, dying, repeat, except much less entertaining and with much less Tom Cruise.

Tyrene The Destroyer – borderland 3

In Borderlands 3, you have to seal the destroyer and prevent Tyrene from connecting him. Of course, this plan goes wrong and it’s a race to kill Tyrene, who closes with the destroyer anyway. Here is the problem: the destroyer is hyped as this galaxy deregatory essence that required a prison of planetary size. If you fight against Tyrene The Destroyer, it actually looks … pretty small. Despite all the lasers and other things, the fight is not too crazy – just shooting on Tyrene, jumping on her back to meet the critical point, and let’s go.

IXILLIS XV / XVI – REST: out of the ashes

When the root penetrated into different dimensions, she had to measure himself with different guards. Corsus is relatively free thanks to its Guardian from the influence of root, but it does not take long until they are commissioned by killing the Guardian for various reasons. So this is your encounter with a venerable dimensional unit. The most important turn is that there are two bosses that need to be fought at the same time. The encounter is hard, but still quite masterable. Basically, we expected some epic and larger than just two floating beings, while we fought on a bridge. Unfortunately it was not like that.

Gnasty Gnorc – Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Do you remember how Gnasty Gnorc successfully all dragons – we repeat all the dragons – except Spyro has turned into crystal? He has to be a hard customer! So the last fight plays with him: You pursue Gnorc’s servant who holds the key to his platform. After you have unlocked the platform, you hunt GNORC. Then you reach Gnorc and hit him once. To quarrel. We know that it was in the original PS one version, but that does not make it better.

The red hawk – Contra Rogue Corps

After an ugly, terrible campaign, the Contra Rogue Corps ends with The Red Falcon. This disgusting entity has some interesting mechanisms when it comes to lasers and projectiles. The problem is that the boss does not do much. A tentacle is crushed, which needs to be damaged and has to be repeated. Then his head is crushed and must be shot under avoiding some lasers. Not that we expected a lot, but it is still a Meh end for an overwhelming publication.

The Monitor – Hymn

The fight against the monitor is not too terrible, especially since he has an adequate range of attacks. Yes, he is still a ball sponge, but at least there are melee attacks to avoid different arenas to fight and so on. Why is the fight disappointing? Apart from that it is only okay, it ends that the monitor is actually defeated when Haluk pushes the strider. The big evil is essentially dead by vehicle murder (unless the game has made mistakes for you and you have completely missed the intermediate sequence).

Cole D. Walker – Ghost Recon breakpoint

The archenemon of the spirits, their former weapons brother, the current leader of the wolves … is just a guy who runs around his head with four drones. So you empty magazine for magazine to destroy the drones and to ward off all wolves that come to help walkers. As soon as the drones are turned off, Walker makes naturally a headshot and dies. Could not you have given him a tank or something like that? Some? It’s not that the whole island is full of it or so.

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