Pieper with grin and without goal

Much has already experienced Amos Pieper in his career course. He was with Borussia Dortmund, first division player was 2020 in Bielefeld, this year U-21 European champion with the DFB juniors. A Bundesliga game in front of more than 10,000, in addition to its own fans – this countered the 23-year-old on Saturday for the first time. Of course, that makes something with one, Pieper reported his feelings behind his feelings, as he filled in the with 13,750 spectators at least half, according to Corona conditions but sold-out Schüco-Arena: You already saw the warm-up that no normal Game will. We had a grin on the face, so it was at least with me. Probably also with the others: coach Frank Kramer confirmed after the game against Freiburg, that his players had previously been in the cabin on the waiting for them like the children for Christmas.

A small change was not only for Pieper: It’s a bit more difficult to agree. One and a half years you could understand every word on the course, because you could adjust more. But we were not scraped on the square In fact, Arminia’s defensive fantastic worked as a week before at the 6: 3 victory in the Cup at the SPVGG Bayreuth. The hits received there against the regionaligerists were logically again during the week. Pieper: Of course it wurts one, if you get three goals, in the cup against a supposedly weaker opponent. It also has its reasons, in Bayreuth you were mainly individual nature. We look at it and it thinks everyone, what can he think about Make better in the situation. But then it is good at some point and it goes to the next game.

At the latest from Sunday we can live with the 0: 0

With success, at least as for the defense work. Especially thanks to a superior goalkeeper Stefan Ortega Moreno (Pieper: Tego linked where he stopped at the last year), but also a substantially well-staggered Bielefeld cover association was at the end of the null. Pieper himself knew with good game data too Convince: His pass quota was 82 percent, the dual ratio was at the end of strong 80 percent. We knew that the Freiburg is dangerous for standards and edges. These were the only chances, otherwise we have well defended. The game was a bit tough, maybe not so nice to look at. But it was also temporal, intense and equipped with high-caliber possibilities on both sides. Whoever uses one of the chances, wins, Pieper did not argue wrongly. Now it has become a 0: 0, at the latest from Sunday we can live with it.

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Especially since coach Kramer was forced to rebuild half the defense for the final quarter of an hour and sharing both Pieper-Nachmann Joakim Nilsson as well as left-back Jacob Laursen for Mike Van der Hoorn and Nathan de Medina. We have good guys with whom we can make sure, no matter what position, Olympia attendees Pieper saw no problem. You know what to do.

Pictures to the game Arminia Bielefeld – SC Freiburg

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