Jurassic World Evolution Return to Jurassic Park DLC is now available

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Frontier Developments have supported Jurassic world evolution with some pretty meaty extensions since the start of the game last year, and its largest and most exciting expansion is now available. This has recently announced UONE to Jurassic Park back The extension is now available for owners of the basic game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Bali Vs Tank | Daspletosaurus Vs Saichania - Jurassic World Evolution (Dinosaur King Mod)

As the name implies, this DLC – the $ 19.99 / € 19.99 / € 15.99 costs – the players from the first movie, Isla Nuclar, with seven new story missions and the trio of the film of the Original place of Jurassic Park back protagonists – Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm (which was also in the basic game) and Ellie Sattler – are also presented. The three are expressed by their original actors Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum (who was also in the basic game) and Laura Dern.

The DLC also includes park designs, characters and dinosaurs from the first movie as well as new skins from the original movie for older dinosaurs. Players can also experience existing challenges and sandbox levels in the basic game with the user interface and overlay themes around the film of 1993. Take a look at the start trailer below.

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