The Elder Scrolls Blades Update Removes Chest Timer and Buffs Booted Drops – chests

The arena is also open for all PVP players.

Bethesda has a new update for published The Elder Scrolls: Blades And it’s pretty much significant. Update 1.5 fixes one of the worst disturbances to the play breast timers. That’s right – from now on, chests are opened immediately and the developer is anxious to reimburse those who have increased their trueck capacity to reimburse gems.

Other important changes affect more gold in chests, enemies that give more prey, and the ability to connect guilds. You can also visit cities of other guild members. If that were not enough, the update adds the arena for PVP fights. It is unlocked on stage 5 and offers the best of three rounds against other players.

Here you will find the full patchotes with some highlights. The Elder Scrolls: Klingen met with great criticism in the publication because of the abundance of microtransactions and timers. However, it looks like Bethesda takes important steps to repair the game. It is available for iOS and Android and will be available at the beginning of 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

New functions and improvements

Overhaul of the prey

  • Chests: Opened chests immediately after the chest timers have been removed!
  • Chest: Get all gems that you have spent for improving your chest capacity.
  • Chests: Find more gold in chests and a guaranteed gem in each wooden box.
  • Boot: Collect a lot more loot of enemies.
  • Boot: Defeat a boss in every job to get even better prey, including legendary equipment. Boss rewards replace the mysterious chests and materials previously issued for the completion of jobs.

  • Chests: Look in secret spaces for chests made of silver, gold and elderberry.

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* Enemies: Beware of the harder, optional chefs who guard some of these secret spaces!
* Boote: Crash new fragile items and discover more loot inside. The bigger the object, the better the reward.
* Materials: Find out which materials fall more likely to fall from what fragile objects. There are, for example, more wood in forests and more crystals in caves and aylic ruins.
* Equipment: Route now with a larger selection of objects, as chests and enemies can offer lower and rarer equipment.
* Jewelry: Make more brass and gold jewelry, thanks more brass and gold bar rewards.
* Booty: Wear this new prey with 20 other free inventory spaces.


  • Arena: Turn off the arena automatically on stage 5.
  • Arena: fight against other players in top 3 matches.
  • Arena: Change your equipment, magic and skills between the rounds.
  • Arena: Route a potion or a poison and use up to one per round.
  • Rewards: Earn XP and Gold, whether you win or lose.
  • Rewards: Gains Matches to win trophies, and climb the ranks of Arena to Arena, summit in the Imperial Arena!
  • Rewards: Profits round over several matches to earn chests.
  • Rewards: Reach new arenas and arena stages to get rewards, including the new sword, shield and armaments set.
  • Leader lists: Fighting fame into global leaderboards.
  • Arena: Improve the fight only in the arena: tripled health and improved blocking. In the arena high blocks can be kept longer, fast updated and opponents are stunned for 2.5 seconds. All blocks are also more effective against elementary damage and significantly more effective against physical damage.

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