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NBA 2K Mobile continues to distribute the new packs and since everyone is safe at home, people have lost their time in one direction by looking at movies. As an allusion to Hollywood, 2k has released a package with some of the largest stars of the NBA, which had roles in acting.

Probably the biggest name in the blockbuster pack is Ray Allen, who played in the movie “He Got Game”, in which he played the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth. Kyrie Irving also occurs in this pack, thanks to his role in the shorts of Uncle Drew, in which he played as Drew, an elderly man who all baffles with his basketball skills.

The Irving card has a PWR value of over 11,000, while all is 6,700. Both players have their own unique skills, where Irving is known for his ball handling and slashing, while everyone is known for its three-point shooting skills. And even in his former years in the NBA he was a great Dunker.

The next highlighted package is certainly the best and is dedicated to three players, which will soon be anchored in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and the deceased Big Kobe Bryant are all included in this new package.

These three players do not need a great introduction as they all count to the best players of all time. Together they have 11 NBA championships, four MVPs and 48 all-star performances during their illustrious career, all of which take place in the same era.

Bryant has the strongest card with a PWR evaluation of 10.291, while Garnett and Duncan have a rating of 5,745 and 2,335, respectively. Duncans and Bryants cards are the 2007 versions of themselves, while Garnett is based on his 2016 season.

NBA 2K Mobile is available for free Google Play and the AppStore.

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