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Tear in a well-founded tempo with these tips.

ID software doom EWIG is available in front of the door and comes with a variety of tools that can be slaughtered the unfortunate legions of hell. There is a lot to discover if it is about browsing the new fortress of fate after treats or find new and creative ways to kill. Here are a few tips that lives as a hunter should make something easier.

Chain saw changes

You probably have more chainsaws than at notified doom (2016) . This is because the chainsaw works differently if the maximum ammunition is lower in weapons and therefore constantly need to be torn to enemies to achieve more. It now loads passive up to at least one use. You still collect fuel to add more charges, but this is more intended to kill larger demons. Regardless, it is largely a good idea to kill smaller enemies when the weapon is available.

reloading Blood Punch

The Blood Punch is a very, very useful new melee attack. It can quickly decimate the armor of an enemy and is excellent to hit medium-sized enemies. Apart from that, it must be charged. Stack so glory kills – what they will do anyway – and their dampening needs should be sorted.

Take out enemy weaknesses

With the functioning of hostile weaknesses, they are encouraged to use certain mods and weapons against enemies to give themselves an advantage. This can be seen if you destroy the tail of an arachnotron with the Sticky Bomb Mod of the Shotgun or a splitter grenade shoots in the mouth of a Cacodemon to stumble it. Of course, it could also be as easy to use the precision bolt of the heavy cannon to shoot the guns from a mancubus or revenant.

Meat hooks Grappling

One of the coolest news of the Super Shotgun is the Meat Hook this time. With this gripping hook you can cling to enemies and blow up you out. It serves as an excellent motion tool, but remember that the meat hook can only attack enemies, not the environment. A little thing, but still important.

Chrono Strike

Runes are back and probably better than ever. In particular, a Rune, Chrono Strike, gives the action some slow motion. When equipped, hold down the target key in the air, and everything will slower, so you can easily align sniper shots and display vulnerabilities. The rune is empty over time and needs time to charge. So do not leave them too much on it.

Changing grenades

May _doom (2016), _ The hunter has different grenades. However, it is now possible to equip two grenades at the same time, so they can have splinter grenades and ice grenades in standby mode. You should also pay attention to switching between you because you are in separate decay times. For even more explosive fun, use the equipment FiD Rune. This reduces the cooldown of equipment when the enemies are killed, which are affected by this equipment. So freeze and explode enemies, use the advantages of a reduced cooldown and freeze and explodes more.

Kill or be killed

Did you find yourself in a fight with dwindling health on the return? Continue forward and kill fame. The lower your health is, the more health you get through killings. So it is possible to withdraw from harder enemies, to seek weaker enemies for Glory Kill and replenish themselves in a hurry.


If you try weapons or mods or practice your skills, the ripatory is worth a visit. It is essentially an arena full of demons in the Fortress of Doom. The best part is that dying has no consequences. So you can run around freely, kill and experiment with different rune loadouts.

Sentinel crystals

Argentum cells no longer stoke their permanent thirst for bloodshed. Instead, they hunt Sentinel crystals, which serve to permanently improve the health, ammunition capacity and armor. Sentinel crystals are also important for how they fit into the new perrying system.

Linked perks

When upgrading under the typical health, ammunition capacity and armor categories, you will recognize advantages with adjacent upgrades. If you spend Sentinel crystals for these upgrades, you will get an advantage. For example, if you spend Sentinel crystals for improving health and ammunition capacity associated with the Belch Armor Boost bonus, you will unlock the bonus that causes enemies to drop more armor if you are hit by the Flame Below . Health for Blood is also great, as every health allows to recharge Blood Punch when your overall health is full, and you can walk around, Blood Punching enemies stupid.

Ammunition and ResPawning Barrels

As in the previous game you will find Praetor tokens for upgrading your suit. This also applies to environmental upgrades that offer advantages like immunity to exploding barrels. However, you can also unlock upgrades that cause ammunition from exploding barrels and these barrels even appear again after a short while, so there are even more opportunities to hunt enemies in the air. Or just fill in ammunition, depending on what works better.


As soon as you have received Slayer Keys, you have the opportunity to participate in Slayer Gates. These are optional encounters full of challenging opponents. When you complete these, you will receive weapons items and an Empyrian key. Ammunition or additional life issued in a slayer gate are not restored after their use. So be careful when the glove is thrown down.

Extra life

when your opponent won't finish you off in a card game

Let’s talk a bit more about extra lives. These can be found at all levels, but do not work on a checkpoint or continue the system. If you run a deadly blow, the extra life is consumed because they are temporarily immune to incoming damage. You will restore your entire health and have the ability to reposition yourself before entering the fight again.

Prioritize Arch-Viles

The Arch-Vile returns back doom Ewig and its presence can make life difficult because it reinforces demons nearby to move faster and cause more damage. What is bad, considering how desperate enemies try to kill you already. Find and kill the Arch-Vile fast and destroy his shield with a blood lag before taking him off.

Fast travel

Do you want to collect everything in a level? You could return with Mission Select, but there is another option. As soon as you approach the end of a mission, you can quickly return to specific regions and try to find missing collectibles, upgrades and items. Fast travel can only be used if the mission is almost completely completed, but can be used after unlocking as often as you like.

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